A Guide To WordPress Hosting For Bloggers

In this guide you will learn about WordPress hosting and what to look for and what is available.

When you’re seriously thinking about making a real commitment to blogging, self-hosted WordPress is the top choice for many bloggers. I am currently putting together a Complete Guide to WordPress which will help you to understand WordPress better and how it can help you achieve wonders with blogging.

In this guide however I want to help you find the best possible solution for WordPress hosting, for your blogging project – without clouding your mind with any technical jargon. You will find that as you progress in blogging, you will pick things up along the way, it’s a steep learning curve, but an exciting one at that. I currently run 5 WordPress blogs myself, three of which are hosted with Bluehost, and two with HostGator, all of which are on shared hosting accounts.

What package should I start with?

Whether you decide to choose Bluehost, Hostgator or Dreamhost for your WordPress hosting requirements, you should try and start with the smallest ‘shared hosting’ package possible. There is really no need to think about VPS and dedicated servers until your blog becomes popular.

Bluehost offer only a single shared hosting package which makes it simple to choose. Starting a blog with Hostgator however, you might want to start with a ‘hatchling plan’ on their shared hosting packages. Dreamhost again you have the choice of either 1 year or 2 years shared hosting plan. As I mentioned earlier, when your blog becomes more popular and you get more traffic, you might then want to consider upgrading to a VPS or a dedicated server.

How do I get a domain name?

Most quality web host providers provide domain name registrations at a premium, and in many cases when you’re signing up to a new WordPress hosting account you get a free domain name, but not always. If you already have a domain registered and hosted elsewhere, your web host provider can usually instruct you on how to transfer your domain, or point your domain to your new WordPress blog.

Below are three reliable, reputable and affordable WordPress hosting providers.

BlueHost Shared WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost has been providing shared web hosting solution for one of my blog projects that I use to run at Magnet4Marketing since the site was launched in 2010 (before deciding to sell). Currently I also host several other blogs including TopTrafficBlog.net and XtremeBlogger.net with Bluehost. Bluehost has been the preferred web hosting service providers for WordPress customers for many years. The company has built a solid reputation for providing quality and reliability at a very competitive rate.

Bluehost currently offer a single shared hosting package which includes unlimited hosting, bandwidth and domain hosting. With your Bluehost package you also get 1 free domain registration, cpanel and easy One-Click WordPress installation service. If you’re planning to use Bluehost for your WordPress hosting solution, check out my video tutorial on how to install WordPress in Bluehost.

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HostGator Shared WordPress Hosting

HostGator has also been a great service provider and I currently manage two blogs with them. HostGator is by far one of the most affordable and reliable WordPress hosting providers available with their popular hatchling plan and baby plan. I’m currently hosting my personal blog OnlineIncomeJournal.net on the hatchling plan and have been since November 2012 with zero downtime or server problems.

HostGator offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. With Hostgator you also get unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

One of the prominent features asides their quality service is their customer support. The Hostgator customer and technical team have always been helpful and prompt in answering any questions that I have about my account, and to add to that, they always make you feel part of their furniture which in my mind is what an outstanding friendly service should be.

If you plan to use HostGator shared hosting plan to start your WordPress blog, don’t forget you can save 25% off your WordPress hosting bill by using my special discount code: MAG4MARK25

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DreamHost Shared WordPress Hosting

My final choice for quality WordPress hosting is DreamHost. Whilst not as popular as Hostgator or Bluehost, DreamHost still offer exceptional features and benefits for WordPress hosting and at an affordable price.

DreamHost currently provides web hosting to over half a million WordPress users. DreamHost offers three WordPress hosting packages, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Again with DreamHost you also get unlimited storage and bandwidth, plus 1 free domain name registration when you signup to a new account.

If you’re wanting to use DreamHost to provide you with WordPress hosting, you can save a mind blowing $75 off your web hosting bill. So you pay only $44.40 instead of $119.40 for 12 months hosting… Simply use my special promo code: M4MDH75 when purchasing your WordPress hosting through DreamHost checkout.

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