2 Key Points When Using Images As Backgrounds

A common website design element that doesn’t always work is the use of images as backgrounds. Whether it’s a shot of the local mountains or a faded image of the eCommerce store’s brick and mortar counterpart, using images as backgrounds comes with its own risks. You need to make sure that you develop your design […]

Why Web Design Matters More Than You May Realize

A sidewalk shopper, carrying numerous bags and a notion to spend money, passes by a cluster of storefronts, but only one of the stores hosts a sidewalk sign.  Noticing the bright colors along with the notion of a ‘weekend sale,’ the shopper quickly enters the front door. The anecdote relates to offline consumer behavior, but […]

How to Influence Your Website Visitors Behavior

You spend a lot of time and effort getting traffic to your website. You strive to get your prospects and customers flooding your homepage, reading your blog, and browsing your products or services. After all, website traffic is the key to online business success…right? While I’m not going to argue that website traffic is important […]

Widening Your Audience With A Business Website

No matter how big or small your business is it can never harm to widen your audience by creating a website. Many business owners in recent years have found that with a web presence their profits have boomed, as their business has gone from being manually driven and limited, to a 24/7 resource. Whether the […]