M4M 004 : 6 Blogging Mistakes I Committed In 2012

Podcast: Download (Duration: 15:59 — 18.7MB) In this 4th episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast I take the liberty of sharing with you the six blogging mistakes that I made last year, and what I’ll be doing differently in 2013 to make sure I don’t make those mistakes again… I hope that you can take something [...]

M4M 003 : Why A Blogging Schedule Is Essential To Your Blogging Success

Podcast: Download (Duration: 10:04 — 12.0MB) Well it’s about time huh? Welcome to the third episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast peeps, and the first show of 2013. In this episode I’m sharing with you 3 valid reasons why I think that having a schedule, or a blogging schedule more appropriately, is essential to your blogging [...]

16 Unstoppable Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos

How are you going to promote your YouTube videos in 2013?  Read on to find out… We all know how popular YouTube has become over the recent years, and this year it’s going to prove even more popular as to how many businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone doing business online will turn to video marketing, [...]

M4M 002 : My Tips & Strategies for Managing Guest Writers & Guest Posts on your WordPress Blog

Podcast: Download (Duration: 15:00 — 17.7MB) In this post, podcast I will share with you some tips and my very own strategies for managing guest writers and guest posts on your WordPress blog – Welcome to the second episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast and it’s only been 16 days since the first episode, but I [...]

M4M 001 : Welcome to the Magnet4Marketing, Online Marketing and Blogging Tips Podcast Relaunch!

Podcast: Download (Duration: 30:17 — 35.1MB) Hey folks, it’s finally here once again, and this is a complete new relaunch of the Magnet4Marketing online marketing and blogging tips podcast, something I’ve been planning to do properly again for a long time. One of the reasons why I decided to relaunch the podcast properly was because [...]

Confident Webinar, Brilliant Results! Two Secrets for your Next Successful Presentation

I’ve always admired people who talk with confidence, Before they even open their mouths, they have already commanded the audience’s attention with their keen posture, excellent eye contact, and confident smiles. Before they even start talking, I already know that I’m in for a treat! Their eyes sparkle with light and their smiles radiate with [...]

Salesforce’s Acquisition of Buddy Media – Buddy Media CEO’s Personal Response Video

The cloud computing and CRM company Salesforce has just signed a $689 million dollar acquisition deal with Buddy Media after a recent acquiring of the company Radian6. The Buddy Media deal is set to close later this summer. What is more remarkable about this acquisition is that the conversation surrounding the sale is much more [...]

What is Google Hangouts on Air? Future of Engagement

Google Hangouts on Air are like regular Google Hangouts but they can be used for broadcasting much more effectively. This is because Google removed or significantly raised the user cap a few days ago, so a lot more people can watch your g+ videos. In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands looks at [...]

Expand Your Blog Horizons by Adding a Podcast

So why should you consider adding a podcast to your blog? – In the early days following a blog launch, writers can go through a difficult period of low traffic and disappointing earnings. Publishing enough content to get a blog over the hump can be a tedious and discouraging process. Building links can be difficult, [...]

Future Of Publishing [Live TV on Magnet4Marketing]

Hey folks, Magnet4Marketing are pleased to be presenting to you the very first episode of Future of Publishing. A brand new TV series brought to you by Magnet4Marketing guest writer Murray Newlands alongside Oliver Rourb. The show will be streamed live from San Francisco from around 12.00 to 1.00pm pacific time on 31st January (Today [...]