8 Useful Things To Do With Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile, 8 things you should do… If you’re not familiar at all with LinkedIn, then let me explain it to you briefly… LinkedIn is a professional social networking site for business people. LinkedIn currently has over 120 million users, and opens up new opportunities for like minded business individuals to connect with thousands [...]

Using Company Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been one of the few social networks that have been able to carve its own niche on the internet.  It has created a great social media marketing platform for the businesses as well as the professionals. The reason for this is that it allows companies and professionals to connect in a way that [...]

Tips for Newbie’s: How to promote your Blog using Social Media

Social media tools offer limitless solutions for promoting your fledgling blog. If you’ve tried to boost traffic to your blog through other means (SEO, meta tags, etc.) and still suffer from a small readership, you may want to consider utilizing social media tools. Think of the social media tools as constant promoters for your blog, [...]

7 Essential Social Networking Sites For Businesses

In this post I will share with you 7 awesome social networking sites for businesses… Social networking for business has grown in immense popularity over the recent years. The realization of the benefits of using social network sites such as Facebook Twitter, Google Plus for marketing purposes, has lead to many small businesses making that [...]