How To Recover From & Prevent Negative SEO

Last year Google released a series of search engine algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin), in an attempt to reduce web-spam and de-rank sites that had a low-quality backlink profile. This was of course great news for the ‘good citizens’ of ethical webmasters who were tired of seeing their hard work go to complete waste, by [...]

How I Easily Build Authority Links to Magnet4Marketing Quickly

So how do I build authority links to my blog? – I will share with you my strategies shortly… Link building or creating backlinks to your blog is vital if you want to make any reasonable impact, and represent any significant authority in the blogosphere, especially in your niche industry. We all know that link [...]

How to Diagnose Bad Links with Link Detox

Hey folks, there is a cool new tool on the market available called Link Detox, I’m not sure if you’ve come across it yet but I wanted to highlight some of the cool things you can do with Link Detox, that might just help you discover the culprit backlinks to your blog or website that [...]

Google Panda 3.9: Time to Remove Those Unnatural Links

As you’re probably aware by now Google has once again launched out another aggressive Panda update, Panda 3.9 or, 4.0 as some webmasters are rounding the number off, is out of the cage. It’s been a mere year and a half since Google rolled out the first Panda update which has still left many webmasters [...]

Part Time to Full Time in 0 to 100 – Backlinks, That Is

Backlinks – We were recently asked a question that generated the interest in writing this article. They wanted to know how many backlinks it will take to earn a 5 figure income. It might not be sketched in stone, but I have enough experience in this to give some reasonable advice. Backlinks are links you [...]

Using Company Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been one of the few social networks that have been able to carve its own niche on the internet.  It has created a great social media marketing platform for the businesses as well as the professionals. The reason for this is that it allows companies and professionals to connect in a way that [...]

30+ Reputable Places to Get Massive Backlinks to your Blog

One of the biggest challenges yet one of the most important aspects of getting high quality traffic to your website or your blog is through building backlinks. Why is it so important?, simply because without quality backlinks, there is no other productive way to improve your search engine rankings, as content alone won’t do it. [...]

Training the BIG Google – It Starts with Anchor Text

It seems the trend of giving other website owners quality articles for FREE in return for a couple of anchor text-rich backlinks to their website. If I may say so, it’s about time this strategy has caught on. It really is a no-brainer and a strategy I have used successfully for years.. The BIG challenge [...]

Guest Content – You’ve Got To Pump The Juice To Get The Juice

If you’ve not considered guest blogging or providing guest content as a means to increase your rank in the SERP, it might be time to rethink that decision. With Google’s new panda project in place SEO and traffic driving strategies like low-quality article marketing are basically doomed. Panda focuses on quality and value. Google’s mission [...]