6 Ways To Increase Page Views To Your Blog Without Increasing Traffic

How do you increase page views without increasing traffic?  OK let me ask you this instead… How much traffic are you currently getting to your blog?  I bet one of your biggest objectives this year is to increase traffic and drive more visitors to your content. So to help you do this you’re guest posting [...]

How To Improve Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

In this post you will be provided with tips and ideas on how to improve blog bounce rate – Every blogger works hard to try and get more traffic and more readers to their blogs. Some people find it easy to increase traffic whilst others find it difficult. Realistically getting traffic isn’t all that hard, [...]

3 Tactics That Increased the Blog Traffic Growth by Nearly 2,000 Visitors in One Month

This post on traffic growth was written by Fabrizio Van Marciano and Samantha Wright. In the month of June, if you remember from our traffic and income report we reported 8,845 visits, whilst in the month of July we reported 10,662 visits. I mistakenly changed our traffic strategy in August which saw us increase to [...]