Referral Traffic VS Search Engine Traffic: Why you should Increase Referral Traffic

Why you should increase referral traffic? – Google Panda and Google Penguin has no doubt hurt a lot of webmasters and bloggers to say the least. Whilst it’s not time for a traffic report I can tell you that Magnet4Marketing is 30% down on search engine traffic from the previous month. As disheartening as this [...]

Google Panda Recovery Tips After A Year of Updates

I’m sure many of you remember Google Panda (February 2011), whilst this update took place well over a year ago we’ve been asked on many occasions to create a post providing recovery tips. I know that there are many of you still trying to recover from the effects of Panda and the consequent updates that [...]

The Bloggers Guide to Recovering from Google Penguin

Google is always keeping site owners guessing. Just when you think you’ve developed a strategy to master search-engine marketing and shoot to the top of the search results, Google introduces changes that send you right back to the drawing board. Google has rolled out yet another update to its ever-changing algorithm, and many bloggers and [...]

Negative SEO and Its Tactics

After Panda and Penguin update targeted to remove web spam and over-optimized sites, anyone would think that Google is out to protect legitimate commercial and non-commercial initiatives online; however, few SEO industry experts have shown that reducing the SEO results of a well-to-do site is relatively easier, and this process is known as ‘negative SEO’. [...]

The End of Magnet4Marketing?

Well not quite the end but there are some big changes happening over the next few months as far as this blog is concerned and I wanted to address them with you, the few but loyal readers of Magnet4Marketing… thank you for your continued support. Samantha and I have just returned from Internet World Expo [...]

6 Panda Killing Tips To Optimize Your Blog After Google Panda Update

The latest Google Panda update is no doubt hurting a lot of bloggers, I for one can report a 20% decrease in traffic in the last two weeks, (I was hoping the Easter holidays might have had something to do with the traffic drop). One of the things that many SEO specialists believe is that [...]

How the Google Panda Update Does Not Affect Article Marketing!

Article marketing, also sometimes referred to as content marketing, is a very popular means to market your website or blog and it is very effective for making sure that your content receives exposure.  Many new and veteran bloggers market their content in an effort to create back links to their site and to establish credibility [...]

How Will The New Google Page Layout Algo Affect your AdSense Earnings

New Google Page Layout Algo – By now you will have probably heard that Google has placed themselves back in the limelight again this week, and this time they have released a new Google page layout algorithm update, that’s set to immediately affect websites that offer poor levels of content in comparison to the number [...]

How Does Google Panda Change the Page Ranking Scenario?

Google Panda – There has been spoken a lot of about Google Panda updates (the name is due to its apparent targeting content farms). The change has been implemented to enhance the whole search quality by tidying out on low quality websites. Google has now brought to heel those websites which offer little to its [...]

Google Panda Update December 2011

Google Panda Update December 2011 – Have you been affected? Word is getting around the web that Google may have rolled out a recent ‘minor’ Panda Update… although Matt Cutts may have stated that there wouldn’t be a ‘major’ update lined up for the rest of 2011, it doesn’t rule out a possible ‘minor’ update. [...]