5 Key Metrics to Determine Social Media Marketing ROI

Social media marketing can become a money pit for some companies. Your marketing team might spend considerable resources both in terms of time and money, succeeding in garnering a huge number of social media followers or fans. Yet, those followers or fans don’t always translate to customers. In many cases, the number of fans and [...]

How to Deal with Disgruntled Customers via Social Media

You are righteous and treat your employees and customers like Angels from heaven. That sounds really great but despite all your best efforts, honesty and hard work, you may bump into some negative feedback that can make your skin crawl in disbelief, but this happens and there is no way you can escape it no [...]

Social Media Trends 2012: What To Look Out For in 2012

Social Media Trends 2012 – Social media will continue to grow and become more versatile this year. A large number of businesses are investing considerable resources into this channel. Social media marketing is no longer an experimental initiative; it requires investment of significant time and resources. Some likely trends for the coming year are discussed [...]

How to use Social Media to Provide Customer Support for your Business

Social media for customer support… The customer is the king in a business activity. If there are no customers, the business activity remains incomplete. The ability to sell products or services and making a successful sale does not end the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Every business small or large needs to help [...]

How Can Social Media Monitoring Improve My Marketing Campaign?

Social media monitoring, How can you use it to Improve your Marketing Campaign? – The initial growth of the Internet allowed marketers to target narrow demographics. If a website is about weightlifting, weight lifting companies would buy banner ad space and be able to target the readers of that website. Ads could be further tailored [...]

Five Top Tools for Integrating WordPress Blog with Facebook and Twitter

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps – You’ve perhaps already gathered by now that how amazingly WordPress has become a very popular base for bloggers.  Most of the blogs you’ve seen were absolutely designed with WordPress platform. As it is the top blogging software accessible, we are obliged to the hands behind this excellent software. It has [...]

Battle Between Google+ and Facebook

Facebook’s dominance over the social media landscape has not been challenged for a long time. With over 800 million active users, Facebook is easily ahead of any of its competitors. However, the launch of Google’s new social networking site Google+ has changed things slightly. In a very short time span Google has amassed more than [...]

How to Market your Blog through Social Networking Sites

There are differences. But in general we prefer scanning our community and social network to understand what and how others are doing things before we make any similar decision in our life. If both the sellers are giving same propositions, we buy from one, who is friendlier. No doubt same is true for business decisions. [...]

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

The relationship between social media and the future success of your business should not be underestimated. The evolution of the modern business world is such that the landscape has now fully embraced social media and everything it has to offer growing businesses. Social media is no flash in the pan. It looks set to stay [...]