5 Days to Engaging With Your Facebook Audience More Effectively – Day Three

Using photos to engage with your Facebook audience more effectively – This is day 3 of a series of 5 day posts, on engaging with your Facebook audience more effectively – We’ve looked at sharing videos to promote engagement and sharing useful resourceful links in day two. Today we’re going to look at sharing photos [...]

5 Days To Engaging With Your Facebook Audience More Effectively – Day Two

This is day 2 of a series of 10 day posts, on engaging with your Facebook audience more effectively – These days running an online business or a blog without using Facebook as your primary social media marketing platform is almost unheard of. I’m sure some of you are probably thinking. ‘well Facebook isn’t my [...]

5 Days To Engaging With Your Facebook Audience More Effectively – Day One

This is day 1 of a series of 5 day posts, on engaging with your Facebook audience more effectively – Whether you run a blog or an online business, social media engagement is vitally important for establishing and building solid relationships with your audience, whether you see them as readers for your blog or potential [...]

Making the Most of Social Media

Promoting a business is not done the same way as it was 20 years ago. This is a fact that has been reiterated time and again. Everyone is well aware of the impact the Internet has had on marketing. Email marketing, banner ads and other methods of connecting with customers have changed the playing field [...]

Facebook Fan Engagement’s Potential With SMM

In this episode Murray interviews Ian Karnell, the president of BuzzHoney, a digital marketing agency. He shares his experience on ways they provide more strategies with content engagement for clients that you can use to increase your Facebook page engagement. Over the interview he discusses the importance of analyzing level of engagement, how they monitored [...]

Best Places for Social Media Traffic

Where can you get social media traffic? Social media marketing has grown into a powerful vortex of backlinks and free traffic over the years. Years ago, it used to be about spamming article directories to get a backlink from anywhere possible but now days, we’ve come to find out that Google loves Web 2.0 properties. [...]

How Businesses Can Use Facebook – Future of Engagement

Social media is an engagement medium. We’ve all heard that before. “Don’t broadcast”… “Speak with your customers, at them”… This is true but many businesses still don’t analyze their engagement. In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands teaches you how to use data analysis techniques to understand your social data and boost your [...]

Giveaway: Win Facebook Marketing for Smart People by Faissal Alhaithami

This is a contest to win a copy of Facebook Marketing for Smart People – The way we interact with each other online has changed over the years, from the early days of MSN chat to the growing sophistication of social engagement powered by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Businesses have also [...]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Timeline to Promote your Business

Whilst Facebook timeline has not yet affected business pages as such, the new layout was made available to users back in December of 2011. However it is also apparent that Facebook plans to announce Timeline for Brands at their first-ever fMC event held specifically for marketers, on February 29th in New York City… (Source: WebProNews) [...]

Selecting Your Social Media Wardrobe

You wouldn’t show up to (most) important job interviews wearing the same clothes in which you recently tended to your lawn duties. You wouldn’t wear your business suite to the neighborhood clean-up event, and you’d probably put some thought into the dinner wear you’d choose to make or anticipate a proposal of marriage. With this [...]