6 Best Places To Promote Your Ecommerce Website

Where can you promote your ecommerce website?  Read on to find out…  So you’ve decided to go into doing business online and launch your own online ecommerce website (online shop).  Congratulations on your achievement, I’m sure your website looks absolutely superb, professional and ready to take on those customers… But wait… what customers? Oh yes, [...]

7 Simple Ways to Kick Start your Ecommerce Website

If you’ve just launched your online business, one of the many challenges you’ll face is getting traffic and then converting that traffic to paying customers. In this post you’ll find out how you can quickly kick start your ecommerce business into action. Selling online is one of the most rewarding business ventures you can get [...]

What should Web Marketers do differently for Valentines Day Themes than they did for the holidays?

According to some journalists, Valentines Day is one of the most brilliant and successful gimmick holidays ever invented, prepped and primed for marketing. This is hard to argue with when considering that the entire occasion is built around buying merchandise. Every year, couples express their love and affection by exchanging gifts, influenced by the adverts [...]

Putting a Little Flash into E-Commerce

Retailers have been struggling since the tech bubble to set themselves apart. Back in the good old 1990s, you could simply have a website and you were on the cutting edge. Remember the fight for AOL Keywords? If you managed to grab a good one, you were pretty much set for life. Well, at least [...]

5 Things You Need To Know About Starting an Ecommerce Website

One of the most exciting ventures of running an online business is setting up your own online store, more commonly known as an ecommerce website. Careful planning and preparation is of course the key to a successful start, when your shop goes online for the first time, very few people other than yourself and perhaps [...]