Secrets To Local SEO

Search engines have changed drastically in the past two years. The main points are below: Google Panda Update: Gave less authority to content farms like ezinearticles and other big general article directories. They gave more authority to niche websites because they felt that websites with one theme would seem like the expert in its field. [...]

Is now the time to Increase your Fees?

If you remember about a month ago I re-launched my online art business with a better, cleaner and a more professional looking website. As well as this, after careful consideration I also decided to increase the prices of my artwork too, some even by 50% more and it has been one of the best business [...]

9 Best Online Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2011

Are you still thinking about starting your own online business? Why are you still waiting when there is no better time to start than now? Currently the internet is busting at the seams with opportunities, and 2011 couldn’t be a better time to start. Here are 9 online business idea’s and opportunities for you to consider before [...]

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Online Business!

If someone had told me when I left school that I would become an international selling artist running a successful online art business I would have said two things? One, what the hell is an online business and two, I could never see myself running any form of business. Not to run myself down too [...]

Why Some Home Businesses Fail To Succeed

We would all welcome the opportunity to run our own business working from home. Whilst this is something many people are either working towards or doing right now, not everyone is cut out to succeed with running a business from home. Working from home isn’t as easy as many make it out to be; in [...]

42 Ways to Generate More Sales Online!

Generating sales is becoming more and more challenging in this current climate. Generating traffic to your business is one hurdle, converting a percentage of that traffic into sales is completely another. So how can you get more conversions from your current flow of traffic? Here are 42 tips or suggestions to get you started on [...]

eBay for Business: Don’t Make eBay your Sole Selling Platform

Do you use eBay for business? Whilst I strongly believe that eBay isn’t as ‘seller popular’ as it once was, there are still hundreds of businesses completely relying on eBay as their sole selling platform for their business. Whilst this might seem ideal in the beginning, I urge you not to make eBay your only [...]

Get Your Business Online with Moonfruit

How to get your business online – We’re at an age where doing business offline simply isn’t enough. The internet has changed how we communicate, socialize, shop and generally live our everyday lives. Social media has changed the way we use the internet entirely. These days every business needs some kind of online presence, here [...]