Ingredients for Successful Online Marketing

Whenever you purchase a small kitchen appliance, it’s likely to come with a cookbook. I’ve always found it funny that Cuisinart slow cookers come with Cuisinart cookbooks and Crock Pots come with Crock Pot cookbooks, even though the cookbooks tend to have the same recipes in them. It turns out, though, that those recipes are [...]

8 Ways To Use Google Plus To Promote Your Products & Services

With all the recent hype surrounding Google Plus, today I thought it would be cool to write a post outlining some of the valuable benefits, from a business perspective, on how to effectively use the relatively new social media platform to promote your products and services online. The latest studies revealed that Google Plus had [...]

Article Marketing; Is it Worth the Fight?

What Are We Fighting About? In a recent video, Matt Cutts offered a very neutral-sounding definition of article marketing; “…you’re writing an article and you try to include a link at the bottom and you’re hoping a bunch of other people put up copies or mirrors or duplicates of that article and that those links [...]

Customer Retention – Why is it Important to keep hold of your Online Customers

If you’d like to become a guest writer for Magnet4Marketing you can find out more here. Simply read our guest author guidelines before registering. Your account will immediately be approved to a contributor once you have registered. Your posts will be published once you have fulfilled the profile requirements So far, getting more and more unique [...]

42 Ways to Generate More Sales Online

Generating more sales is becoming more and more challenging in this current climate. Generating traffic to your business is one hurdle, converting a percentage of that traffic into sales is completely another. So how can you get more conversions from your current flow of traffic? Here are 42 tips or suggestions to get you started [...]