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guest blogging on Magnet4MarketingWe value your interest in guest blogging for Magnet4Marketing because we understand how important it is for you to harness the power of ‘guest blogging’, to help promote your own valuable content, build authority in your niche and attract new readers to your blog.  Please CAREFULLY read through our new guest blogging guidelines below.

This page was last updated on: 19th December 2013

  1. All guest post submissions must fit in with one of the following categories, you can click on a category to get an idea of the type of content we’re looking for –
    Blogging tips
    Online business / Internet Marketing / Small Business
    Social media
    Make money online / Entrepreneurship
    Internet tools / Content marketing tools
    YouTube / Video marketing
    Writing Tips, Content Creation
  2. Guest posts from companies including ‘SEO agencies’ guest blogging on behalf of a client for the purpose of building backlinks and increasing page rank are no longer accepted.  We only accept guest posts from reputable bloggers with a proven track record.  Please read the following post for reasons why we do not accept posts from companies and SEO agencies.

Author Bio Guidelines

  1. Guest posts author bio must not contain information about, and or anchor text links to unrelated sites (i.e. weight loss sites, legal or gambling sites, trade and construction related sites, education or distant learning sites, PPC/SEO company websites, sites that promote violence, hate, racism or pornography, or religious sites).  Your author bio must be about you as an expert in your niche or one of the following categories outlined above.
  2. We no longer accept anchor text links in author bio of less than 3 keywords.
  3. Author bio must contain a link to at least one of your social network profiles, preferably Google+.
  4. Links in author bio are no-follow.

Content Writing Guidelines

  1. Guest posts must consist a minimum of 800 words or more, shorter posts may be considered depending on the quality and resourcefulness (Not lower than 600 words).
  2. Images will be added to your guest posts by our editorial team.
  3. Guest posts must not be submitted in plain blocks of texts.  It must be broken up in scannable paragraphs so that it is easy to read by everyone in our audience.
  4. Guest posts must be free of typos, grammatical and spelling errors.  Guest content that does not meet this particular guideline may automatically be rejected or delayed in publishing.
  5. Self-promotional content will not be accepted.
  6. Guest posts with any type of anchor links contained in the content, including client links, third party links, affiliate links, links to irrelevant and none-related sites, commercial links, links to landing pages, links to sales pages will be stripped. 
  7. We DO NOT accept paid guest posts or paid links.

Quality Guidelines (New)

  1. Guest posts must be original, written by you (Not by your content writer or SEO comapny), be completely exclusive for our blog and must have our reader’s interest at heart (Please see categories above). Guest content that does not meet this guideline will automatically be rejected; if your post has been published elsewhere we won’t publish it.
  2. Guest posts must provide something new and fresh for our audience to read, if you’re offering tips they must be actionable.  Do not submit guest posts that are of generic nature or mashed up from content on other blogs.
  3. Guest posts must promote and encourage reader engagement (Add call to action).
  4. If your guest post is accepted and published, you are required to reply to ALL comments that are approved on your post.  Failure to do so will result in your links being stripped from your author bio box
  5. Once your post has been published, it cannot be deleted so please do not ask for us to do this.
  6. Adding valuable resources, suitable links to related content from the web and from other reputable websites (i.e from sites like copyblogger, problogger, search engine land, etc) will increase the chances of your guest post being approved.  In addition to this your guest posts must contain at least one of the following: a useful video, slide presentations, podcasts, images (handled by our editorial team) or infographics.

“We are extremely choosy with what guest content we decide to accept, approve and publish on our blog.  We do not guarantee publication, but to increase every chance that your post gets published, please ensure that the content you submit to us follows our guidelines.

How to Submit a Guest Post

OK, now to submit a guest post for consideration, please take the following action –

1. Use the contact page to submit your initial interest in guest blogging, along with some information about your writing chronology, including links to previous guest posts on authority blogs and your own blog too.  Please also include a link to one of your social profiles, ideally your Google+ profile.

2. We’ll contact you via email to let you know whether we’re happy with your guest blogging pitch or not.  If all goes well and we’re happy with you submitting a guest post for consideration, we’ll include the email ID in which you should submit your guest post to.

3. Once your post is received our editorial team will take time to run through it, checking off against the user guidelines above.  Remember we reject almost 90% of guest posts submitted to us.  If your post is approved it will be scheduled to go live within 7 working days.  If it is rejected we will provide you with a good reason.

We look forward in reading your guest post.