8 Useful Things To Do With Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile, 8 things you should do… If you’re not familiar at all with LinkedIn, then let me explain it to you briefly… LinkedIn is a professional social networking site for business people. LinkedIn currently has over 120 million users, and opens up new opportunities for like minded business individuals to connect with thousands [...]

Using Company Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been one of the few social networks that have been able to carve its own niche on the internet.  It has created a great social media marketing platform for the businesses as well as the professionals. The reason for this is that it allows companies and professionals to connect in a way that [...]

So You’re A Marketing Guru! Does Your LinkedIn Profile Prove It?

An emphasis on having a LinkedIn profile has become a big part of professional networking as well as job hunting. A lot of people understand that it’s important but don’t seem to know how to go about building a good LinkedIn profile. It’s not enough to set up a rudimentary profile page with some basic [...]