The Art And Power Of Brand Storytelling

“Bring out the best in your brand by telling a story about it.” Consumers are being given information overload through all types of media, everywhere, anytime.  Thus, most of us are likely to ignore these ads no matter how appealing they may be. This brought a harsh time for marketing strategists and they found a […]

Growth of Mobile Commerce

With the increase in sales of mobile devices it becomes imperative for all online businesses to keep up with the expansion of mobile commerce. If you want to keep your business flourishing and up-to-date with the innovative e-commerce market then you must adapt your website and turn it into an efficient mobile commerce. There is […]

How To Connect With Customers In 2012

Businesses looking to boost their revenue in 2012 must endeavor to connect with their customers. Those who dismiss the practice as a notion from a distant era face a steady decline in sales – the post-recession economy demands a careful nurturing of the very element driving your sales. Fortunately this has happened at a time […]

4 Businesses You Might Not Think Need To Focus On Customer Service But Do

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business.  Few businesses can provide poor customer service and still expect to keep their customers coming back.  Customer service is vital to the continued healthy growth of a company.  Many businesses that you wouldn’t automatically think about needing a customer service department actually devote […]