How the Google Panda Update Does Not Affect Article Marketing!

Article marketing, also sometimes referred to as content marketing, is a very popular means to market your website or blog and it is very effective for making sure that your content receives exposure.  Many new and veteran bloggers market their content in an effort to create back links to their site and to establish credibility [...]

5 Tips for Selecting a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

Picking the right profitable niche for your blog is key to its ultimate success. Pick something too obscure — like felted miniatures of short-haired cats — and you won’t have an audience. Pick something too broad — like working from home — and you’ll never be able to cut through all the competition and get [...]

Four Tips for Avoiding the Spam Folder When Leaving Comments on other Blogs

If you’ve been doing your regular blog commenting routine, you’ll have probably noticed that now and again you’ll leave a really thoughtful comment on a blog post, only to find out a few days later that it’s not there… chances are it’s ended up in the spam folder and eventually deleted. Understandably some blog administrators [...]

How to Get Post Ideas for your Blog the Simplest Way

I know there are a lot of posts out there giving tips on how to generate post ideas for your blog, so why should you read this one? Because getting post ideas doesn’t have to involve a four week program, you can get ideas literally within a few minutes… the time it will take you [...]

Paid to Write: Earn $30+ per Post for Guest Writing on Magnet4Marketing

Get paid to write for us… A while back we introduced a new method of paying our guest writers for a ‘set number’ of posts that was published on the blog… We recently reviewed this method and have decided to end it, and instead create a totally new opportunity for getting paid to write for [...]

Our New Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting on Magnet4Marketing – First of all I just want to say the biggest thank you ever and how overwhelmed I am to the number of guest posts we receive daily from you guys, and of course the more the merrier… But unfortunately we’ve also have to reject many of them as well for [...]

3 Essential Tips for Creating Better Blog Posts

In this article I will share with you 3 tips for creating better blog posts – I am sure that you’ve read many tips before now about how to create better content for your blog. Tips like; be consistent, write for your audience, check for spelling and grammatical errors, see what posts your readers are [...]

6 Tips for Writing Long Blog Posts

There is a lot of debate about how long blog posts should be. Some bloggers prefer to write short punchy posts that take the reader straight to the points of interest, whilst many other bloggers prefer to write long more elaborated articles. I personally prefer a balance of both, though I do enjoy writing longer [...]

5 Major Reasons your Blog Isn’t A Reader’s Spot!

For a majority of bloggers who start their blog, the excitement and positivity is often short lived as low traffic and high bounce rate make them realize that no one is interested in what they are writing. And why’d anybody be interested, as all they have on their blog is “pure junk”, with little or [...]

7 Simple Tips To Become A Rockstar Writer.

We are all very well familiar with this Rant “Content Is king”…  And I fully backup the significance of this rant because in an online world content is everything. We can’t do anything without content, whether we’re creating a landing page, blog posts, eBooks, weekly newsletters and so on… Content is simply the lifeblood of [...]