Copycat Blogger, Content Scraper Alert: GURUNSB.COMYR.COM

Content scraper alert – Hi folks today I want to share with you a prime example of what a low life, good for nothing copycat blogger content scraping scum looks like… Guy’s and dolls and loyal readers of M4M, you know it’s not like me to loose my cool in the ‘ethical’ blogosphere, but this [...]

Paid to Write: Earn $30+ per Post for Guest Writing on Magnet4Marketing

Get paid to write for us… A while back we introduced a new method of paying our guest writers for a ‘set number’ of posts that was published on the blog… We recently reviewed this method and have decided to end it, and instead create a totally new opportunity for getting paid to write for [...]

3 Essential Tips for Creating Better Blog Posts

In this article I will share with you 3 tips for creating better blog posts – I am sure that you’ve read many tips before now about how to create better content for your blog. Tips like; be consistent, write for your audience, check for spelling and grammatical errors, see what posts your readers are [...]

7 Simple Tips To Become A Rockstar Writer.

We are all very well familiar with this Rant “Content Is king”…  And I fully backup the significance of this rant because in an online world content is everything. We can’t do anything without content, whether we’re creating a landing page, blog posts, eBooks, weekly newsletters and so on… Content is simply the lifeblood of [...]

4 Creative Ways to get Content Ideas for Your Blog

Content ideas – Blogging can be really fun if you can commit yourself to it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own challenges. One major challenge of being a blogger is generating content. I have struggled with this on more than one occasion for my blog where I talk about nutrisystem and medifast, [...]

Quick simple tips for writing better Headline Titles!

Today I’d like to share with you some top tips and suggestions on creating good headline titles for your articles, blog posts and email marketing newsletters. Firstly, everyone has their own unique ideas and methods on how to create good headline titles. One of the most important rules to keep in mind always is to [...]

Are You Making These “Panda” Mistakes?

SMX – Matt Cutts Panda & Google Shoes… Since Google’s new algorithm update, the web is in a bit of an uproar, trying discovering what needs to be done to increase pagerank and remain at the top of the search results. What Did ‘Panda’ Change? While you’ve probably heard over and over about how the [...]

What Content Should You Add To Your Ecommerce Homepage?

If you run an ecommerce business website then you’ll understand that ranking in the search engine search results for your site’s primary search term(s) or keywords is top priority. How else are your customers going to find your products or services otherwise? Of course you can always advertise your products and services using ad networks [...]

8 Essential Tips To Better Content Writing!

Content is everything to an online marketer, whether you’re creating content for your blog, website, email newsletter, eBook or whatever else; it’s simply the lifeblood of what we do as business marketers to promote ourselves and our business the best way we can. In this post we’re going to take a brief and to-the-point look [...]

7 Suggestions for post ideas for Bloggers!

Finding new topics to write about for your blog can be challenging at times, even for the more experienced bloggers. When you’re starting out for the first few months, this can be the most challenging time; since many well established bloggers will probably have the delight of using their guest writers to create much of [...]