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10 Steps To Build a Better Email ListI’m going to show you the best way to build an email list… How many times have you heard internet marketers bang on about how ‘the money’s in the list’ or ‘build an email list’, and how many times have you said to yourself, ‘yeah I’ll do that one day’?

When it comes to building an audience, most bloggers turn to SEO and spend endless hours trying to get to the top of Google for their target keywords.  When Google rolls out a new algorithm update and those bloggers begin to lose traffic fast, they feel as if all their hard labor of love has gone to complete waste.  I know the feeling, I’ve been there myself…

Many bloggers are also putting more and more time into social media and networking, using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and anything new that comes along, all in search for more traffic and more readers for their blogs…  Whilst I don’t deny for one minute that this is an important area to focus on to promote your blog, social media marketing can become an endless process and one that often produces little results, even when compared to SEO.

So what about good old fashioned building an email list and doing email marketing?  In fact let me ask you this right now -

“What are you doing right now to build an email list?  and if you’re not, do you not think it’s as important as doing SEO or networking on social media sites?”

You’d be absolutely wrong if you answered no…

Fabrizio Van MarcianoEmail marketing is the mother of all traffic generation strategies.  Email marketing can also help you convert your prospects, into real paying customers more than any other marketing strategy known to man… I believe that to be and so do thousands of successful marketers out there who are already reaping the rewards of having a MASSIVE LIST to work with.

…Yet the scariest thing is…

Many bloggers go on blogging for years, totally unaware of the potential traffic and income they’re losing out on by not learning how to build an email list in the very first place.  If you’re one of those individuals, it’s time to face facts and make some serious changes…

Every serious blogger, entrepreneur I know want three things more than anything else in the world for their blogs -

  1. More targeted traffic
  2. More loyal readers
  3. More money…

Guest what? Build an email list and start doing email marketing effectively and you’ll achieve all three of those… it’s simple enough.

Build an Email List eBook

OK… How do I even start to build an email list?

Understandably it can be quite overwhelming and at times frustrating when thinking about the whole subject of building an email list.  If you’re already trying to build an email list and are getting nowhere fast with it, then you need to rethink your strategy.  If you’re starting from complete scratch however, you need to think about a few things… things like -

  • Where do you start from?
  • What email / autoresponder service provider should you use?
  • How can you entice visitors to get onto your email list quickly? (increase conversions fast)
  • Does ‘bribery’ really work still? (Giving something away for free in exchange of an email address)
  • Where are the best places to display your email opt-in form for optimum conversions?
  • How do you create an attractive landing page that attracts and converts visitors into subscribers?
  • If using an ‘eBook’ as an incentive to opt-in, how do I even go about creating one?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before thinking about ways to build an email list.

But hey, thankfully scouring the web for answers and a solution to each of those questions above is over…  You can learn all there is to know about how to build THE BEST email list for your blog with my 10 Steps to Building a Better Email List workbook.


10 Email List Building Steps That’s Proven to Get Results…

When I first began building my own email list 18 months ago, I had ZERO idea where to start and ZERO subscribers except for a few friends and members of my family…  Nice…  I quickly learned that AWESOME CONTENT was the key to getting people on my list, and that meant putting out -

  1. Awesome content on my blog frequently…
  2. Awesome content through guest blogging…
  3. Awesome content in my monthly email newsletters…
  4. Awesome content everywhere else… (social networking, podcasting, video blogging, press releases, slide shares etc)

This workbook combines the steps of a powerful ‘tried and tested’ strategical method that I have personally used to build over 2000 email subscribers to my blog, and all in the first 12 months of releasing my own eBook, the 170 Blog Traffic Tips eBook! (Now 8 Cornerstones of Blogging)

Fast forward to today and I’m seeing between 100 to 150 new email opt-ins each month, and the numbers is steadily rising each month.  In fact as of January 2013 my blog has accumulated over 1,300 active email subscribers totaling over 3,300 email subscribers to my blog and online business…  Now it’s your turn to build an email list…

Build an Email List

The above is a screen grab of my recent email opt-ins.  My own eBook, 170 Blog Traffic Tips is helping me to rack up 15+ opt-ins per day!

Grow an Active Email List… Not a Dead list…

Let’s look at the reality of things here… Building an email list won’t happen overnight, but what does these days?  Like anything worth working your ass off for in life, it will take time… and a boat load of hard work.  I created the  10 Steps To Build a Better Email List guide to help you achieve better results much faster.

Let’s say you’re already building a list now.  Even if you’re just managing 4 or 5 new subscribers per week, you can quite easily double or triple that number using the steps in my guide, especially if you’re not giving away a powerful incentive.

In time you can be pulling in 4 or 5 new email subscribers PER DAY…  Even then you might be sitting there right now thinking ‘Well, what’s 4 or 5 signups per day? that’s still a small amount’

I don’t care about small numbers because it’s the small numbers that amounts to the big picture, check out what I mean -

  • 5 signups per day x 7 days = 35 signups per week…
  • 35 signups per week x 4 weeks = 140 signups per month…
  • 140 signups per month x 12 months = 1,680 email signups in one year! Get the big picture?

If you can just manage 5 new opt-ins per day for 12 months continuously, you’re going to have an awesome list to work with within a year…

Download Now

A Workbook Designed to Really help You…

The 10 Steps to Build a Better Email List workbook contains over 100-pages of awesome content, and is organized into 10 easy-to-follow steps.  At the end of each of the 10 chapters there is a series of tasks for you to participate in.

You can work through this guide at your own pace, it really isn’t a race.  Each task will take you one step closer to building a super email list for your blog.  So if you’re starting from complete scratch, you’re the perfect candidate for this workbook.

Key Features Include

Here are some of the key features this eBook covers -

  1. Finding a reliable email service provider and autoresponder
  2. Creating your own information product (eBook) – A full chapter on how to create an awesome, valuable and resourceful eBook + links to online tools and resources!
  3. Creating a super optimized landing page for your eBook and email opt-in form
  4. Promoting your eBook and landing page with on-page SEO, link building, video marketing, content marketing and blogging, social media and much more…
  5. 20 powerful list building tips for beginners and much more…

So I hope you understand the importance of building an email list, but I’m sure you do.  If you want more traffic, more loyal readers, more money from your blog… Start building an email list today, the right way…

What Others Have To Say…

“I have just one word to say for this eBook – FANTASTIC.  Even if you already have an email list or are trying to build one from scratch, you have got to check out 10 Steps to Build a Better Email List, and follow the steps outlined there.  This is a guide filled with everything you could possibly wish to know about creating a super eBook and building a killer email list for your blog, and all nicely placed together in 10 simple steps, no bullsh1t, just awesome content.  I would definitely recommend this eBook to any blogger looking to build a great email list” – Arbaz Khan –


Samantha WrightFabrizio has once again provided great value and resourcefulness with this must -have eBook on how to build an unstoppable email list using a very simple but effective old school ‘bribery’ strategy.  At well under 6 dollars it really is a steal, and if anyone understands the importance and methods of building an email list, it’s Fabrizio.  Nice work Fabrizio – Samantha Wright – Guest Author, Magnet4Marketing

Download Your Copy Today for Just $5.99

The beauty of this 109-page ‘how to’ and ‘resource’ guide is that you can download it and start implementing the strategies contained in it almost immediately.

Why wait another day to build an email list?  Why throw away tons of potential targeted traffic, loyal readers and subscribers and even paying customers…  Get your copy of 10 Steps to Build a Better Email List for JUST $5.99, and as if that measly price isn’t low enough to entice you, we are offering a 60-day, NO questions asked, money back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with the workbook!

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