M4M 004 : 6 Blogging Mistakes I Committed In 2012

In this 4th episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast I take the liberty of sharing with you the six blogging mistakes that I made last year, and what I’ll be doing differently in 2013 to make sure I don’t make those mistakes again… I hope that you can take something away from listening to this show [...]

How To Recover From & Prevent Negative SEO

Last year Google released a series of search engine algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin), in an attempt to reduce web-spam and de-rank sites that had a low-quality backlink profile. This was of course great news for the ‘good citizens’ of ethical webmasters who were tired of seeing their hard work go to complete waste, by [...]

6 Ways To Increase Page Views To Your Blog Without Increasing Traffic

How do you increase page views without increasing traffic?  OK let me ask you this instead… How much traffic are you currently getting to your blog?  I bet one of your biggest objectives this year is to increase traffic and drive more visitors to your content. So to help you do this you’re guest posting [...]

BlueHost Web Hosting February 2013 Super Deal: Start A Blog For Just $4.95

This month’s web hosting deal comes from no other than BlueHost Web Hosting provider.  If you’re not familiar with BlueHost, they are one of the most popular, through reliability and extreme credibility, web hosting service providers on the web.  And it is for the very reason why BlueHost has continued to serve Magnet4Marketing and a [...]

WP Tip Of The Month: How To Add 468×60 Banner Ad To Genesis Theme Without Plugin

Each month I’ll be sharing with you a top tip for using WordPress and Genesis.  This month I want to share with you a quick trick for adding a 468×60 banner ad to your Genesis theme header, without using unnecessary plugins, (like the BlueHost ad banner shown in the header of this theme). Not all [...]

M4M 003 : Why A Blogging Schedule Is Essential To Your Blogging Success

Well it’s about time huh? Welcome to the third episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast peeps, and the first show of 2013. In this episode I’m sharing with you 3 valid reasons why I think that having a schedule, or a blogging schedule more appropriately, is essential to your blogging success. No doubt many of you [...]

7 Most Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Are you trying too hard to monetize your blog? Blog monetization is something that every blogger thinks about doing at some stage or another.  In fact it is the main reason why many people venture into blogging in the first instance! Unfortunately, not everyone who starts blogging goes the full way in their blogging journey [...]

New eBook for Bloggers: 10 Steps To Build A Better Email List

Hey folks, it’s finally here… After almost 6 months of blood, sweat and tears working on my new eBook, it’s finally here, and boy am I excited and nervous at the same time. Let me introduce to you 10 Steps to Build a Better Email List, and as you can guess the title gives away [...]

6 Best Places To Promote Your Ecommerce Website

Where can you promote your ecommerce website?  Read on to find out…  So you’ve decided to go into doing business online and launch your own online ecommerce website (online shop).  Congratulations on your achievement, I’m sure your website looks absolutely superb, professional and ready to take on those customers… But wait… what customers? Oh yes, [...]

Bloggers: Promote Your Blog and Guest Blogging Page Here

Hey everyone, 2013 is well upon us and I hope that everyone has settled back into the swing of things, and bearing up under the winter blues.  Don’t worry spring is just around the corner. I’d like thank everyone who has contributed to this blog in the form of guest blogging over the last 12 [...]