3 Simple Reasons Why AdSense Will Stop You Reaching Your Blog’s True Income Potential

It’s done, it’s finally done, AdSense is no more on this blog and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember a while back I wrote a post clearly stating why I started to remove AdSense from this blog, you can revert back to it if you missed it. Read: 3 Reasons [...]

3 Reasons Why I Removed AdSense From My Blog

Everyone loves making money with Google AdSense, I do too I won’t lie. It is no doubt one of the most widely used methods of blog monetization for many bloggers and webmasters. For the last 12 months or so AdSense has been paying me around $70 to $100 a month in revenue and increasing very [...]

How Will The New Google Page Layout Algo Affect your AdSense Earnings

New Google Page Layout Algo – By now you will have probably heard that Google has placed themselves back in the limelight again this week, and this time they have released a new Google page layout algorithm update, that’s set to immediately affect websites that offer poor levels of content in comparison to the number [...]

Best Google Adsense: WP Plugin Review

If you’re looking for a real simple way to install Google AdSense scripts into your blog then you might want to hear about the ‘Best Google AdSense plugin’ for WordPress by JelyHost. I installed this plugin into one of my other WordPress blog projects to give it a test run. It’s fairly simple to install [...]

Bloggers : Increase Your AdSense Income Today

Google AdSense has helped many bloggers and website owners to successfully monetize their web properties with very little effort on their part. In fact it’s been doing just that since 2003, when it was first released. If you scour the web even today, you’ll no doubt still notice that many successful bloggers and site owners [...]