4 Important Rules for Creating Video Advertisements on Mobile Websites

As mobile websites have increased in popularity over the recent years, many businesses have realized the excellent opportunity for increased advertising and reaching out to a greater audience.

Whether selling the advertising space or advertising yourself, you need to bear in mind a few important rules for including video advertisements into your strategies, otherwise, you will not get the return on your investment that you desire.

Here are 4 essential rules to adhere when creating video advertisements on mobile devices.

Rules for Creating Video Advertisements

1. Never have the video automatically play

One of the most common tactics of video advertisements is to have the video start playing as soon as the customer loads the page on their mobile device.

Automatically playing videos actually increase the loading times significantly.  In some cases, the loading and buffering time will be equivalent to double the video playing time.

Unfortunately, your customers will not have the patience to wait, particularly when they may not even want to access the video in the first place.

The key here is to have the video set to play only if the customer chooses to play it, otherwise, you will not get many people on your page at all.

2. Keep the videos as short as possible

Short video viewing has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to viewing them on mobile devices.

Vine and Vimeo have started offering special mobile advertising with contents and challenges for videos that run less than 10 seconds. The reason that these videos are so important is because they will load quickly and play quickly on a mobile device without decreasing the customers’ experience.

So the key here is to keep all of the videos as short as possible. Do not upload any that will take more than 30 seconds to play through.

3. Do not make HD the automatic choice

Whenever it is possible offer alternative definitions for viewing, standard versus high definition creates a significant difference in loading times.

On some mobile devices, a 30 second HD video will take three to five minutes to load.  However, if you want to offer the benefit of the HD experience to your customers, you should make SD the primary choice with the HD as an option.

Devices that load HD videos fast enough for your customers to view them will be willing to take that extra step.  Those whose devices are not fast enough will still be able to view it, and you won’t lose the opportunity that you’ve established.

4. Offer a transcript if possible

Some people still may not be able to access your video advertisements.  The Internet and the various networks can still be rather finicky, and a number of things can interfere.  However, if you offer a transcript of the video, you increase the value.  Since the video should not be more than around 30 seconds in length, the core information should not take up much space to summarize.

When you’re using mobile websites for your business, you will have the additional option to increase your advertising revenue with videos. While you can use this effectively, you must make sure that you follow the necessary rules for your video advertisements to be affective on mobile devices; otherwise you will decrease the effectiveness of your site and your advertising revenue at the same time.

Image credit source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jikatu/