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Make Money with Our Brand New Affiliate Program!

Calling all fellow bloggers and internet marketers in the blogosphere, I’m super stoked to be announcing the launch of our brand new affiliate program, woo hoo!

Back in early January I was so pleased be able to launch my brand new eBook, the 10 Steps to Build a Better Email List Workbook, a 100-page step-by-step guide to building a super email list for your blog or small business website.  The eBook was greatly received and has had some success, but now with the new affiliate program I’m hoping to bump things up a little bit more.

I’m also currently finishing off my next eBook project titled 200+ Blog Traffic Tips guide to replace the current 170 Blog Traffic Tips eBook, which has been available freely to new email subscribers since early 2012.

The new 200+ Blog Traffic Tips eBook is a completely new rewrite and focuses more in-depth into the most effective traffic building strategies, as well as a resource list with tons of tips and advice and resourceful links.  At the moment we’re looking at 18th or 25th February release date.

Anyways, our new affiliate program provided through e-Junkie, we trust e-Junkie because they are a pretty big deal when it comes to selling stuff online.  Joining our affiliate program means that you can take every opportunity to cash in and make a whopping 75% commission, on every sale you make of my eBooks.

We’re also planning to run an affiliate contest once the program has been established properly later on in the Spring, so don’t miss out.

You can find out more about our program by visiting our affiliate page which will also contain signup link, affiliate banners and terms and conditions.  I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

>> Join Now <<

P.S. If you have any suggestions you’d like to make about the affiliate program or share any tips and advice with me, please leave me a comment below as always.  I always make an effort to reply to all comments.

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