6 Ways To Increase Page Views To Your Blog Without Increasing Traffic

How do you increase page views without increasing traffic?  OK let me ask you this instead… How much traffic are you currently getting to your blog?  I bet one of your biggest objectives this year is to increase traffic and drive more visitors to your content.

So to help you do this you’re guest posting like mad and commenting on blogs like it’s going out of fashion, and sharing your posts on every social network site that exists between here and the edge of the universe.  You’re doing a grand job at that, so keep it up as all those tactics are worth the effort.


How about taking a look at your existing traffic and finding ways to increase page views instead of putting all your effort and resources into searching for new traffic?

Interested? Good read on…

Here are 6 actionable ways to increase page views to your blog right now.  Let’s make a start –

Increase Page Views to your Blog

6 Ways To Increase Page Views To Your Blog Fast!

1. Add inbound links to first few paragraphs

Readers in general tend to scan content and usually the first few paragraphs are what they pay the most attention to before deciding whether to continue reading or not.  So consider adding your inbound links (anchor text links) to other related posts on your blog in those very first few first paragraphs.  Aim for around 3 or 4 inbound links if possible.

2. Create an archives page

Bloggers overlook the effects an archives page can have on a blog.  An archives page can really be an awesome way to get your visitors to explore more of your content.  If you check out my Archives page for this blog (link in menu) you’ll see how I’ve constructed it so that it helps visitors explore my content by date, top categories or by using the custom search bar.

If you don’t yet have an archives page for your blog you could easily be missing out on opportunities to increase page views, I’d seriously consider adding one, and then add a link to it from your main navigational menu.

3. Write a post series

If you enjoy writing seriously long posts, have you ever considered breaking them up and creating multiple posts from them or creating a series of posts even?  Posting a ‘post series’ and linking them all together is a great way to encourage your readers to read the ‘next post’ and explore more of your awesome content.

4. Install nRelate plugin for WordPress

The nRelate plugin for WordPress is my favourite related posts plugin, and here’s why; it uses a patent-pending technology that enables the plugin to continuously analyze your blog’s content to display other related posts from your blog.  This ultimately leads to increased page views, and more importantly a better user experience for your visitors.

You can download the nRelate plugin here – nRelate Plugin for WordPress

5. Create a powerful central resource post

If you have a ton of content on a particular topic, how about creating a power packed one-stop resource post with links to all the posts in that particular topic?  Here’s an example; I love to write about list building and email marketing, so I might want to put together a single resource post and title it something like, ‘The Complete Guide to List Building and Email Marketing’, then add a short description and a link to each of those other individual posts.  That’s just an example I’m using.

Take a look at your blog to see if you can put together some powerful corner-stone posts of your own.

6. Create a monthly post roundup

My final tip for you to increase page views to your blog is, if you haven’t already starting doing so, is to create a monthly roundup of your most popular posts for that month and publishing it on your blog.  This can help your loyal readers to access any content that they might have missed out during the month, as well as help you to increase page views to your blog.

Well that’s 6 ways that I use to increase page views to my blog.  Let me know your thoughts and reactions below.  If you have any additional tips to add to the ones above, please add them in your comment below.

Image courtesy of PhotoBucket user: jshen3300

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    • says

      Hi Shathyan, thanks for your visit. Hope you enjoy using the nRelate plugin, it’s a great plugin with a powerful indexing tool and great customization options to make the plugin feature related posts the way you want it on your site.

    • says

      Hi Mike, yes monthly roundups are a great way to increase page views on your blog and get visitors clicking more on your inlinks. I did make a start on publishing monthly roundups at the beginning of last year but these days because I’m not posting as much as I use to it makes little sense to create a monthly roundup. Thanks for stopping by :)

  1. juncent says

    Wow, I still have a lot to learn about increasing page views on my blog, and you have given me more than what I need, some great ideas to put into practice. Thanks so much!

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