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If you are just starting out a new business, whether it be online or off, you might be overwhelmed when thinking of how you are going to promote it. I don’t blame you. After putting a lot of time, thought, and effort into getting a business up and running, you certainly want people to know about it. And, word of mouth and repeat customers take a while to build up.

So, many of the successful businesses have put a little effort and money into promoting it right in the beginning. However, not all businesses that are starting up have the luxury of excess money to spend on the expensive trappings of traditional advertising.

However, I just listened to a Coffee Talk podcast with James Martell. He is a very successful internet marketer and has been sharing tips and advice for over a decade to those who also want to be successful in online business. His guest on this particular episode was Rusty Wood, another successful internet marketer. They had some interesting tips for avoiding the high cost of traditional advertising.


Out with the Old

It used to be that businesses had to rely on print advertising such as newspapers, magazines, and the Yellow Pages. Unfortunately, they were very expensive and could cost in the thousands for just one decent ad. Even more unfortunate, some of those options lasted a day, maybe a week.

They will still love to take your money, but I would avoid it. Print media is being pushed away by consumers, as they are flocking to the Internet for gathering their information. I can’t remember the last time I even had a Yellow Pages book in the home.

So, if consumers are turning to the Internet, you need to as well. Of course, that means it would probably be a good idea to have a good website. If that intimidates you, have no fear…

Website Development

Building a functional and high-quality website no longer requires a degree, or even deep pockets to develop. In fact, you could build one yourself in a very short time…and for free.

James and Rusty gave great reviews for WordPress, which is a tool for professionals and amateurs alike to easily develop a professional website. Many people are using it with great success, due to the ease of use, and variety of themes and plugins to work with…in fact, almost 20,000 plugins to date.

You can update and change your content anytime you want, and again…for free.

Social Medias

There are many Social Medias you can take advantage of when it comes to promoting your website. Here are the top 3 you should take advantage of:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest

So many people have accounts through these sites, so the exposure could be great, if you utilize them effectively. First, create a page for your business on all of them, and load it with information and photos of whatever your business is all about. For example, if your business involves ordering checks by mail, place photos of the most unique styles you have to offer, along with the traditional. And, if you have a link on the page, then people can go directly to your site.

Pinterest in particular is growing exceptionally fast, among business owners as well. People search the site for various things they are interested in. So, I would recommend placing as much information and photos as you can on this one.

And, always communicate with your ‘guests’. In other words, if someone posts a question, make sure to answer it as quickly as you can, with relative information.

Google+ Local

Use Google+ Local to replace the Yellow Pages. It’s free and used by many people as a source for locating businesses. In fact, Google is the number one search engine, and actively drives traffic to sites they favor. I’ll get into their rankings, in a minute.

First, I want to emphasize the importance of creating a full and appealing profile on this site. You will be able to put your business name, phone number, address, what you have to offer, hours, photos, videos, and more. Another perk about Google+ Local is that you can change and update information whenever you want, and all for free.

When listening to James and Rusty, I heard a story about Dr. Jeri Anderson, a chiropractor who only uses the free Internet marketing I’ve been discussing. She has been very pleased with the results, as an average of 4 new patients come to see her each week.

Google Rankings

The last thing I want to touch on is ranking with Google. They are a powerful search engine that can really help drive traffic to your door. However, they are very choosy in their rankings. If you have high quality content, Google will notice and rank you high, presenting your site to people who are searching, typically by relative keywords.

So, make sure you offer informative and relative content that will benefit the seekers. It’s also important to update and refresh content to keep readers interested.

In Closing

There you have it. You have many easy and effective options to advertise your business, and the best news is that they are at no cost to you.

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About the Author

As a freelance writer, Mark Harris often looks to the Internet for inspiration on new projects. For instance, he was visiting, when he thought about writing a series on online business and their financial concerns. Mark and his wife reside in White Rock, B.C. where he enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible. He’s an avid hiker and kayaker, and often enjoys a stroll on the local beaches.

  • Tushar

    Well when talking about the business it is must to promote it via internet marketing although it is wither offline or online business. And when to comes to talk about the website you are right creating a new website is easy now a days it will be very hours or even minutes to create it.

    And at last it is must to promote it through social media, social media is now a days a great way to promote online business in easy way, we can get awesome growth into our business or affiliates in short time.


  • Eddie Gear

    I believe that when it comes to marketing your product for the first time, Its always a good ting to advertise your product using PPC and BSA like networks, This way people would get to know of you. However that is not all, if you stop with advertising alone, the conversions would be poor. You should work on a online marketing strategy that will get the attention your business deserves. Writing guest posts, doing JV webinars, talking at seminars and more will get your brand noticed more than you expected and the ROI will be good enough for you to kick start your business.

  • Paul Profitt

    There are many ways to promote your business,if done right social media can be a very cost effective method of promoting your product or service.But in my opinion the best method is to use a video presentation.

  • Anirban

    There are so many methods to promote your business and also I appreciate your views. But in my point of view nowadays Social Medias are the best way to promote a products or business. Thanks for sharing this great article.