Relationships Matter When You Want to Reach the Top Spot

Why do relationships matter in blogging? - One of the most sought after thing that I witness today is blogging. Many people are attracted to this lucrative task without even knowing the true worth of it.

As a blogger, I have failed many times at the early stage of my blogging life but I don’t regret it, rather I see them as the golden years of my life that changed my blogging view. I now blog more often and no everything that is required to take a blog from nowhere to become an authority.

Among them one most important thing you need as a blogger is – build new relationship with other bloggers.

Relationship Matters When You Want to Reach the Top

Why should you stay connected with other bloggers?

One of the biggest reason to stay connected with other bloggers – newbies or pros is that you can learn many new things about blogging. Even a new blogger can sometimes teach you lessons that you will feel jealous of him.

You are too active as a blogger, you know about many plugins, you know coding, you can drive large number of traffic to your blog, blah blah blah… So what if you can do this? Every blogger can do this. But only bloggers who are kind enough to establish a good relationship with his visitors will be able to generate long-term results.

Even Superman can’t reach everywhere…

A blog survives on the traffic it receives. No traffic means it will be a waste of time and energy to run the blog. There are many ways to get traffic, but the most used and effective way is the use of social media.

Social Media boasts of millions of users and not taking benefit of them is a foolish task. But can you alone reach such a wide audience? No, not at all.

But just think if you had good relations with other successful and established bloggers that have a large following, help you promote it; that would be great.

When can you get such a gesture? Only when you are kind enough to do it. Always read posts of different popular blogs and upcoming blogs and share your love by a little tweet or a share, and you will see the same thing happening to you. In this way your post will be served to a large number of hungry audiences without your knowledge even.

People visit and link back when they believe in you…

Do you think the top bloggers would like to link back to a blog who doesn’t have a recognition. No, Never. Even after posting regularly on your blog and writing quality content, you don’t get proper visitors then you are at fault. Just a simple reason for this failure, you are not trying to build your image, your brand.

Writing consistently and quality content is a great thing, but building a brand is important. Try contacting bloggers and sharing your views regarding a topic. 3-4 emails back and forth and you will make a friend. Ask him to help you promote your blog.

Spare some bucks and get your blog a unique logo, spread it on the whole Internet, use it on each and every social media platform. Make it your blog’s identity. Whenever your blog’s name comes, your logo must immediately click in the person’s mind.


All I need to say is that along with posting quality content, spare some time in building and maintaining relationships. If you have lots of friends, you will get more visitors, more number of shares and tweets and everything that you were not able to do will be done on autopilot. That’s too awesome, isn’t it ?

So let’s start connecting with new bloggers now and help each other.

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About the Author

Hi there, my name is Arbaz Khan. I am quite passionate about blogging and here is my passion converted into a blog, Check out my latest article concentrated completely on Blogging Gameplan to embrace success. Be sure to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Janmejaya

    Yes i agree with your all points because i have seen many are pasting other efforts in their and also not giving link to the original author. But if we are giving link back then we can build relationship with other site owners. Thanks arbaz for this topic.

    • Arbaz Khan

      Always welcome bro.
      A blogger should always respect other’s work and give him the due credits :)
      Cheers !!!

  • Samantha

    Hey Arbaz, wonderful post. I think social media will always be underestimated, we’ve seen how being socially active on Facebook and Twitter or Google Plus can really bring the engagement to a blog. I love your tips on connecting with people on these platforms and you are right. There has been occasions where I’ve chatted to someone online and before you know it we’ve made a connection. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Arbaz Khan

      Thanks a lot for supporting my words, Samantha.
      I got connected with most of the bloggers via this social networks so I know the true potential of the platforms.

  • Andi

    Such a great text! And actually, that’s why I love blogging so much! Because I can make some new relations and I can get to know inspirational people. It’s all about connecting…

    • Arbaz Khan

      Yeah connections are very helpful when you need your blog to grow.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Mark

    Hi Arbaz Khan,

    I totally agree with you about relationships matters in blogging. Although we can learn more from buddy bloggers by sharing their views and tips.
    I liked the sentence where you said “Even Superman can’t reach everywhere” its 100% right, yeah we can’t reach a destination without help of some bloggers.

  • Sam

    For that i am agreed with you if you will stay connected with other bloggers then you can learn and earn many things which will help lot to do many more things in online marketing.

    • Arbaz Khan

      Yeah that’s right Sam.
      Once people starts knowing you then and then only do they talk with you openly. I have experienced this that once a blogger knows you or your blog, then he will speak with you otherwise not. (Or maybe my communication skills weren’t as good then).

  • Aditya

    A relationship can bring in alot of potential as well as ready to be subscribed readers to ones blog.But the only thing needed is to make relationships work.Besides commenting on the blogs one has to reply back and ask with their subscribers is there anything they want to change and give suggestions for.

    • Arbaz Khan

      Well said Aditya. Completely agree with your words.
      Many times I have seen that guest bloggers don’t reply to the comments, thus killing the engagement level and relationship don’t work. Just building proper connections isn’t enough but you have to maintain them as well :D

      • Aditya

        Exactly Arbaz,and engagement itself reflects how committed one is in spreading their word to other bloggers as well as readers.

  • Anton Koekemoer

    Yes – I do agree. Adding value and building authentic and loyal relationships is one of the most important aspects of business in today’s techno-savvy time – And that’s why the large bloom in business on social media channels – Building relationships is a lot more easy and able to monitor the overall sentiment of your efforts.

  • Amit Shaw

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Relationships do matter in blogging. We should move forward in blogging aiming at touching the chords of readers, the relationships will form, eventually. We should build through our posts only. We need not do anything separately for this.