Monday Morning Link Mashup #8 – Another Week and 8 More Top Posts

Link Mashup #8 for 17th September 2012 – Well it’s time for another collection of top posts in our weekly link mashup. Once again I must apologize for the delay in getting this week’s link mashup out on time, we’ve been away on a short break over the weekend to recharge those batteries, so were now playing catchup over the next few days.

OK, if you’ve just arrived to this page, maybe from a Google search for the term ‘link mashup’ or maybe a link from Facebook or LinkedIn, then we’re glad you’ve found us. Each week we bring you an array of top posts on online marketing, Blogging Tips, SEO, WordPress, internet entrepreneurship, making money online and much more, in what we call our Monday morning Link Mashup.

The benefits of having your post featured in our weekly link mashup means you can get new readers to your blog and a quality backlink from a reputable blog.

OK, let’s check out this week’s eight posts.

Monday Morning Link Mashup

This Week’s Link Mashup


4 Top Bloggers And How They Struggled When They Started Blogging - Let’s kick off this week’s must read posts with one from the one and only Eddie Gear of In this post Eddie shares how 4 top bloggers, including Darren Rowse and Patt Flynn, struggled to make their way to blogging success. If you’re looking for some motivational life then this is the post to read… – Read more here – 4 Top Bloggers and How They Struggled When They Started Blogging

5 Excellent Tips To Help You Become An Awesome Blogger In Less Than A Month - This post was written by Kharim from Kharim shares 5 essential tips to help you become a better blogger. He covers tips on writing, developing a unique character and having a sense of humor, being resourceful to your community and more. Read more here – 5 Excellent Tips To Help You Become An Awesome Blogger In Less Than A Month

Copy My Blog Commenting Interactive Method for More Results – Awesome post by Enstine Muki of Enstine shares his unique blog commenting strategy which you can use also to help you increase the level of engagement and interaction on your blog. Read more – Copy My Blog Commenting Interactive Method For More Results


41 Business Blogging Tips - We love list posts and this is a list of tips not to be missed. Check out the 41 top business blogging tips by Jessica Kupferman on the Business 2 Community blog. Tips include Read more – 41 Business Blogging Tips

How to Promote Your Business Online For Free - Another great post for small businesses is this one by Victorino Abrugar of In this post Victorino provides some awesome tips and ideas for promoting your business online freely. Tips include using social media, creating viral content and how to effectively make use of Google Places. Read more – How to Promote your Business Online For Free


The Connection Between Social Sharing And SEO - This is a guest post by Emma Tomlinson on, here Emma discusses and shares some insightful statistics on social media usage and the connection between social sharing and SEO. Read more here – The Connection Between Social Sharing And SEO

Outsourcing SEO – Cost Effective Or An Unnecessary Expense - In this guest post by internet marketing expert James Martell finds out whether outsourcing SEO for your business website is a cost effective tactic or just an unnecessary expense. Are you willing to pass the duties of SEO to a reputable company, or should you train your own in-house workforce to foresee SEO duties? Read more here – Outsourcing SEO

Content Marketing

3 Unusual Ways to Write A Killer About Page that Converts More - This is one of our favorite posts of the week. A post by Rahul Kuntala of In this post Rahul talks about the importance of having an about page, and how your about page can be optimized for greater conversions. Read more here – 3 Unusual Ways to Write A Killer About Page That Converts More

Well that concludes another weekly link mashup, hope you enjoy the resource this week. Let me know your thoughts and reactions on this week’s selection below as always.

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  1. says

    Wohooo, I am officially on the link up! Yeah!

    Wow, such an honor to be listed amongst these great blogs Fabrizio. I think the only other one I read from the list was from I found that had a different perspective. I will get to reading the rest of the awesome posts listed here. Thanks so much for including my blog in this week’s link up.

    • says

      Hi Eddie Gear,

      I’ve already read your post and its just AWESOME. Great insights pal :)

      Fabrizio: I’m really honored to be a part of in your link mashup. BTW it’s a great concept to quickly grab others attention. You’re really great job on! Nice to connect with you bro..

      P.S: Going to read the remaining links now. Thanks for the share :)

  2. says

    Hey bro,
    Frankly, I didn’t know you were doing this kind of post. It’s SOOOO resourceful man. You are taking time to recommend the great stuff to your readers. I just love clicking these links and reading more.

    Thank you for mentioning my post on the list. That’s the most useful tractback I had to validate this morning.

    May you have a splendid day

    • says

      Hey Enstine, yes we’ve been doing a weekly link mashup for two months now and it’s been great for us to share great content with our own audience. Bloggers benefit from readers and link love as we do from trackbacks :) Have a great week Enstine, and great post by the way, I’m heading over to leave you a comment as I read the post earlier on :)

  3. says

    Hey Fab,
    With these great post on your blog i guess the link mashup for every week may reach double its number from what it is right now.You have made it to 8 great post from 5 and i hope you will reach 10 or more in future as you have dreamed of.

  4. Samantha Wright says

    Another awesome selection of posts Fabzy. Loved reading 41 business blogging tips posts and the rest are great too.

  5. says

    Hi Fabrizio,

    This post is really refreshing. All your posts are really awesome. I enjoy reading them and sharing my views.How to Promote Your Business Online For Free and 3 Unusual Ways to Write A Killer About Page that Converts More are really good.


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