Monday Morning Link Mashup #6: This Week’s Top Posts

Link Mashup #6 for 3rd September 2012 – Wow we’re at the beginning of yet another week and it seems that the week goes by so quickly and the link mashups comes around faster than we can keep up with them. Needless to say there have been some great posts published in and around the blogosphere this week.

Once again if you’re new to our little weekly link mashup, each week we bring you a selection of the very best, well what we think is the very best in blogging, online marketing, SEO, social media, internet entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, small business etc.

So what have we got for you in this week’s link mashup? Let’s take a look –

Monday Morning Link Mashup

This Week’s Link Mashup

Blogging Tips

Know the End Goal for Your Blog Before You Start
This is a wonderful post by Zac Johnson published on SmartBloggerz, who talks about the end goal for bloggers looking to effectively monetize their blogs successfully. Zac talks about blogging for passion or profits, how to convert traffic once your blog start to see it coming in and focusing your content on your reader’s end goal… well worth the read.


How to Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary in Your Business Blogging
In this post Adam Gottlieb provides some practical tips on how to make your content stand out from an already saturated crowd. By making a few light touches here and there you can turn and ordinary piece of writing into something unique and extraordinary.

Social Media

8 Steps for an Effective Social Media Curation Strategy
In this post Marcel De Vivo shares some tips on how to effectively use a selection of web and smartphone apps, for developing an effective social media curation strategy. Read more:


Top SEO Tips in a Post Penguin World
Google Penguin has affected many bloggers and webmasters. In this short and precise post, Rajeen Shah shares a couple of valuable tips on how to improve your SEO link profile after Google Penguin update.

15 Killer SEO Copywriting Advices
This is a must read post for copywriters, bloggers and any one involved in content creation. Here Amrik Virdi from provides 15 essential SEO copywriting tips… Read more

Internet Marketing / Tools

Internet Marketers Top SEO, Keyword and Social Media Tools
This is a very resourceful post in itself created by DiTesco of the popular blog iBlogZone. Here DiTesco shares a list of essential top SEO, keyword and social media tools, and their respectful uses.

Entrepreneurship / Make Money Online

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Completely Blog For Money
Ok we finally get to a post published on ComLuv Network by Sandeep Singh. In this post Sandeep explains his five reasons why he believes that bloggers should not blog for the pure reason of attaining financial gains. You can read more on this post here –

Well what a selection! that’s all we have this week, once again I certainly hope you enjoyed this week’s link mashup posts, they’re valuable to you and will help you explore more great content related to your niche and interests, and of course help you along your own blogging journey and success.

If you’ve missed any previous link mashups, you can catch up with them in the ‘You may also like’ section below.

Until next week’s roundup of top posts, have a great week ahead as usual, work hard, earn hard and play hard… –


Image courtesy of Flickr user: Plasticrevolver

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  1. says

    Nice roundup. Have to catch up on some of them that I missed, specially that of Zac’s. Thanks for including one of my articles Samantha. Have a great week ahead

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hi DiTesco thanks for your acknowledgement :) Zac’s post is a great post I must agree, and of course yours we found very informative too. Keep up the good work, have a great week.

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hi Nishant, great to see your comment here, I’m so happy you enjoyed this week’s selection of link mashup, we loved Zac’s post too.

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