Monday Morning Link Mashup #5: Top Posts of the Week

Link Mashup #5 for 27th August 2012 – Well it’s that time of the week again where we bring you another selection of simply awesome, must read blog posts from in and around the blogosphere, in our Monday Morning Link Mashup. Just in case this is your first link mashup here’s the lowdown -

Each week I bring you the best of the web, in blogging, social media, internet marketing, SEO, internet entrepreneurship and much more. This week we have 6 amazing blog posts we’re recommending you simply must read, but if you already have don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below letting us know which was your favorite read. This week I’ve also embedded Tweet buttons so you can promote your favorite post further.

Monday Morning Link Mashup

This Week’s Link Mashup

Blogging Tips

The Ultimate Collection of CommentLuv Blog Lists
Lets start with something resourceful and you can’t get more resourceful than the ultimate collection of CommentLuv blog lists, published on Basic Blog Tips this week. This post was compiled by Ileane Smith and it contains a  list of posts with an even bigger list of CommentLuv lists.  Well worth checking out if you want to start reading more and commenting more on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Thank you Ileane and thank you to every other blogger who has compiled a list on their blogs. Read More –

Marketing / Small Business

Marketing and Communications Are No Longer Just About Talking Well
Chris Brogan shares an insightful post on marketing and communication skills. How do you score as a marketing / PR for your company? Do you possess the necessary knowledge and technical skills for doing more than just sending emails, sending tweets or posting messages on Facebook? Read more –


The Only Guide You Need To Boost Your Google Page Rank
Amit Shaw
of iTechCode provides an incredible insight into the Google page ranking system, and provides a tutorial covering what it is, how it is used, to providing 8 top tips on how to increase your page rank. Read more -

5 Tips to Drive Traffic to your Blog without Organic Search
Traffic is one of the much discussed subjects in the blogging culture. In this post Celina Conner provides 5 tips to get traffic to your blog without search engine, organic traffic. The post is published on Read more -

Writing / Content Marketing

Tips on Writing Content for Your Article Marketing Efforts
This is a must-read post by Annetta Powell of providing some very useful and practical tips and ideas on how to create super-high quality content for your article marketing efforts. Read more –

Make Money Online

12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense
Right, here is a very simple but useful post for all you newbies thinking about applying for Google AdSense. In this post Saqib provides you with 12 actionable things you need to do before applying for a Google AdSense account. Read more –

Well that is all I have for you this week in our Monday Morning Link Mashup, once again I do hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s resources, as usual if you have any great content to share, that you think we’ve missed, or should be on this list… Do email me your suggestions and links for next week’s link mashup. In the mean time, enjoy and have a great week.

- Samantha

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  1. says

    Another Awesome Link Mashup Fabrizio.
    I wrote that Post when i was on Tour :P . . . .
    Thanks for adding this post on your list. Am Glad Mate. Will promote this. Thanks again.

  2. says

    Hi Fabrizio. Thanks for the shout out! I had a ball pulling together that list of CommentLuv Blog Lists. :)

    I read Amit’s post on Google Page Rank. Next I’m going to read the AdSense post. I get so many questions about this and it would be great to have some real answers.

    Thanks for doing these mashups!

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