Monday Morning Link Mashup #4: This Week’s Top Posts

Link Mashup #4 for 20th August 2012 – Good morning blogosphere people and here’s to another grand start to a productive week, here’s to hoping you all have a great week what ever you’re doing blogging wise. If you have something worth sharing, this is the post to be doing it on, pop your thoughts for the week in the comment section below.

Ok it’s time for this week’s link mashup and we have 5 top posts for you to go straight to and read this week, let’s take a look –

Monday Morning Link Mashup

This Week’s Link Mashup

Blogging Tips

5 Places Where You Should Not Leave Your Comments
Sanjeev of Make Web World shares with us 5 places where you shouldn’t leave comments. This is an interesting and must read post, especially if you’ve been affected by Google’s Panda updates and are trying to clean up your back linking strategy this is worth reading…

Online Marketing / Small Business

Why Relationship Marketing Is Better For Your Business
This is an insightful post on IM Relations into relationship marketing and how to treat your customers like human beings as apposed to a walking wallet…


5 Key SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2012
If you’ve not come across ComLuv then you’re missing out on a ton of great content from this site… This is one of my favourite blog’s and this week there is a great post by Mitz Pantic, who shares 5 key mistakes to avoid in SEO

Social Media

Why Talking Will Always Beat Shouting in Social Media
Having trouble connecting with people on social media sites? Win the trust of your audience and let them communicate with you and you shall be rewarded. This is an insightful post on how to effectively bring your audience to your brand through social media.

Motivation / Management Tips

How to Manage a Hectic Schedule?
A in-depth post by Jane Sheeba of Jane on managing your hectic schedule and how to optimize your schedule by prorating and learning to avoid distractions plus more…

A bit of a short mashup this week but of course we’re looking for you to recommend posts for our next weekly link mashup. If you have something that’s worth sharing please email me your post suggestions to blog[at]

Until next week’s link mashup, have a great week ahead and enjoy the resource as always…

- Samantha

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  1. says

    Hi Samantha,
    Scott’s “Why Talking Will Always Beat Shouting in Social Media” is a great post to follow and one should read it to socialize well with the audiences.
    Great mashup this time too. :)
    Although the number of mashups are going from 1-4,you are gaining from 5-1 in position when it comes to a guest post.

  2. says

    Hey Samantha Thanks for the wonderful mashup. Love the “SEO mistakes” post by Mitz at Comluv. And thanks so much for the kind mention :)

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