Monday Morning Link Mashup #3 – Posts of the Week

Link Mashup #3 for 13th August 2012 – Well what do you know, it’s another Monday and the start of another prospectus week, well almost… I must apologize for the delay in publishing this week’s link mashup as it is now Wednesday, I’ve been away at a family wedding so I was unable to get it out in time for Monday.

Anyhow, usually every Monday we bring a selection of top posts in our weekly link mashup. A collection of some of the best posts we’ve stumbled upon in the last seven days or so, in the blogosphere covering a range of topics from blogging, online marketing, web design, SEO, internet entrepreneurship and making money online.

Monday Morning Link Mashup

This Week’s Link Mashup… so far…

Online Marketing / Small Business / Social Media

Are Businesses using ROI as an Excuse not to get involved in Social Media? – An absolute must read article by Morgan of Social Boost. Morgan asks ‘are businesses using ROI as an excuse not to get involved in social media’. Are some businesses obsessed with ROI’s that they’re completely missing the boat and realizing the benefits of using social media – Find out more…


List of 10 Free Blogging Sites for Creating Blogs – This is an article by Anil Agarwal of BloggersPassion. Anil provides us with some great blogging platforms for creating a free blog. If you’re thinking of starting up a blog but don’t want to get caught up in the confusion and technicalities of hosting your own blog, check this post out – Find out more…


7 Unconventional Ways to Build Backlinks – Shiva Chettri of, provides some interesting ways on building backlinks to your website or blog using unconventional methods – Find out more…

Syndicated Content and Duplicate Content Facts – An interesting post by Vineet Saxena talking about the rise of content syndication along with some interesting facts. A must read post – Find out more…


eCommerce Software and Plugins Can Help Increase Profitability of Your Company – If you’re looking to integrate your ecommerce platform into your WordPress powered site, check out this post – Find out more…

Social Media

Do Bloggers Need to Create a Vibrant Social Media Presence in every Platform? – In this post by Shamelle of Better Blogging Ways, Shamelle discusses whether or not social media is getting out of hand. Are we pressured into participating in every social media platform that becomes available to us? – Find out more…

Affiliate Marketing / Make Money Online

How to Become a Super Affiliate - If you’re looking for ways to help you become a super affiliate marketing success then this is a must read post by James W of Make Money in Life. James provides some sound tips and advice on how to become the best affiliate marketer you can be with some valuable tips – Find out more…

So friends, that’s all I have for you in this week’s link mashup, enjoy the resource and until next time, happy blogging. If you have a link to a post you’d like to recommend that we add to our next week’s link mashup, please email your suggestions to me at blog[at]

- Samantha

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  1. says

    Hi Samantha, thank you for mentioning me in this great link mashup.
    Other blogs and articles are great too and it was interesting to read through all of them. thanks for sharing once more

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hey Vineet, you’re most welcome, your post was a real interesting read, thank you for writing it. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. says

    Thanks a lot Samantha for including my blog post in your Link Mashup. I really appreciate your efforts in putting up a list of nice collection of stories worth checking for this week.

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hi Anil, thanks for enjoying the list of resource and your blog post deserved a place in this week’s list. Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. says

    Hi Samantha,
    I like the idea of showing the pictures of mashed up things,i can quickly tell by just seeing the pics that what this post was all about even if don’t provide the title for this. :)

    And don’t worry about the posting this mashup late,because what you are providing is more important than anything else.
    You are mashing it up right every week you post something. :)

    • Samantha Wright says

      Thanks Aditya, yes the mashed up potato is a bit of a giveaway lol, it breaks up the post nicely I think. Thanks for your comment and I’ll be sure to have the next link mash up out on time.

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