Add Tons of High Quality Content to your Blog by Breaking Down Posts

Why should you consider breaking down posts - Ever wondered how you could create more high quality content for your blog without having to search the web for the most talked about subjects, or spend half the day scratching your head for post ideas? How about breaking down posts?

If you have a few long posts on your blog, ones that are over 1,000 words long, which I’m betting my last buck you do, you’re already sitting on new content for your blog. Pick a section or point from some of your longer posts and write a complete new post, elaborating and going into greater depth of detail with it. Your ‘list type’ and ‘points type’ posts are a great place to start.

Breaking down posts

Benefits of Breaking Down Posts

Here are some of the benefits of breaking down posts that are long, and creating new content from it –

1. Creating shorter, subject focused posts, let’s say 300 words or more will help you retain more of your readers attention. Sometimes reading posts that are long winded, and ones that cover many points can be off putting and confusing. I have to admit at times I don’t bother reading the full length of a lengthy post; I usually scan through it for the main points. Having shorter bursts of content taken from your much longer posts will help you retain your reader’s attention much better.

2. Creating shorter, focused posts can help you increase page views per visit. If you link to a series of shorter posts, readers are more likely to become interested in reading the next installment, and thus increasing page views per visit.

3. More focused content means more relevant ads being served from Google AdSense and other contextual based ads.

4. More page views may also mean better conversions on your affiliate banners, links and other ads.

5. Breaking down your long posts into smaller ‘subject specific’ posts can also help you achieve better search engine rankings on shorter posts.

So what are your thoughts on taking some of your longer posts and making them into bite-sized posts? Perhaps you already implement this strategy, share your comments below as always. This post was created from a specific point made in the following post -

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  • Aditi Datta

    Yes Fabrizio, you are absolutely correct at your point. Breaking down posts into smaller content is always appreciable and definitely adds good content to your blog. I do like all the benefits that you have highlighted. Well, I think breaking down a post into short contents is always beneficial as readers mostly get attracted to short writing whereas they just ignore to read long paragraphs. Thanks for the share!!

    • Fabrizio

      Addition thanks for agreeing with my points. Readers have short attention span and shorter posts can encourage them to read the full length of your post.

  • Amit Shaw

    Yeah Agree with your Points Fab. I have tested this things and its really worked fine for me.
    Its decreases my Bounce rate from 60 to 40% and which is good for a blog getting 30%+ Page Views too. Thanks for Writing this. I will suggest all Readers to Maintain this tips it will help you for sure.
    Thanks Fab.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Amit top comment as always :) Thanks for sharing your statistics with us, I’m looking forward to breaking more posts down and diving deeper into the topics too.

  • Aditya

    Hi Fab,
    Getting an idea from an idea itself is a tough challenge.Like you said taking a point from the long enough post and make it smaller is itself not easy to implement.One has to think alot to write a short content from the one you had already provided.You might be confused about which points to choose and jot it down.

  • Saad

    This Post Has Really Helped Me Write More On My blog without needing to think to much about what to write :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Saad, that’s the idea and when you start getting into the flow of finding points and excerpts from your long posts you’ll be adding more content to your blog than you can imagine, best of luck mate.

  • Samantha Wright

    Wonderful idea of breaking down long posts to create shorter ones. You got me thinking actually, hoe much new content can you bring to your blog from the existing posts?

  • Shiwangi peswani

    Well Fabrizio you are the first person suggesting shorter posts. I have always advised to create long and detailed posts to build good readership.

  • praveen

    adding pictures to elaborate the post z gud thing. and obviously i think every post should be of limited words …otherwise it will be boring for readers..which u dn’t want. so strictly follow the above post…its relle gud…:)

  • Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Yes – I Do agree. There is quite a lot of advantages to breaking up a post, amongst the ones you’ve mentioned, it’s great for internal link-building and website link structure, not to mention to having a visitor stay on your website longer – and increasing the change of them grabbing the RSS feed or regularly returning.

  • Emma

    True – but sometimes long posts are needed.

    If you want to write a post that has staying power – that offers something people really want to read and are likely to link to, you generally need to go into a lot of detail.