Monday Morning Link Mashup #2: Top Posts of the Week

Link Mashup #2 for 6th August 2012 – Another week has passed and it’s time for our top picks of the week. Each week we bring you a link mashup of some of the best content from around the web of the last 7 days, associated with blogging, online marketing, web design, SEO, internet entrepreneurship and making money online.

This Week’s Link Mashup

Online Marketing / Small Business

How to Create a Competitive Pricing Strategy
Author Ann C. Logue provides some solid tips and ideas on how to create a competitive pricing strategy that reflects on the quality of your products and services, in a competitive market.
How to Create a Competitive Pricing Strategy

Monday Morning Link Mashup

25 Quick Tips to Optimize E-Commerce Website
If you’re setting up an ecommerce website check out this awesome post by Sahil Umatia on Sahil shares 25 awesome tips for optimizing your ecommerce website.
25 Quick Tips to Optimize E-Commerce Website


Top 5 SEO Plugins for Big SEO Rewards
Guest writer Rudraksh Pathak provides us with 5 awesome plugins to enhance SEO performance of your blog or WordPress powered website.
Top 5 SEO Plugins for Big SEO Rewards

How to Know If Google Is Indexing My Articles Or Posts
If you want to be able to know when Google last indexed your pages check this post out. This is an essential guide by Arsie Organo on on how to tell if Google is indexing your posts and articles properly or not.
How to Know if Google is Indexing My Articles or Posts

Social Media

Traffic from Youtube Is Like Gold – 8 Tips to Get a Piece of the Action
This is a guest post by Mitz on Basic Blog Tips providing some valuable tips on how to get traffic from one of the biggest media social sites on the planet… YouTube.
Traffic from YouTube is Like Gold

Make Money Online / Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Unbox the Mystery and Increase Your Affiliate Income
Internet entrepreneur Pat Flynn provides some sound tips and advice on how to increase your affiliate income using 5 powerful methods. Pat Flynn is successful and an iconic individual in internet entrepreneurism and this post is a must read in any case.
5 Ways to Unbox the Mystery and Increase Your Affiliate Income

Blogging Tips

How to Make your Blog Stand Out
This is another great piece of reading by guest blogger Matt Beswick on Daily Blog Tips. Matt provides 5 powerful tips on how to make your blog stand out from the rest of the crowd.
How to Make your Blog Stand Out

Well that’s all we have for this week’s Link Mashup, I hope you enjoy the resource and don’t forget, if you want to share a specific link to a post or article that’s worth sharing here on our weekly link mashup, email us your suggestions at blog[at] Perhaps you have a post on your own blog which you think our readers would enjoy! Share them with us. As always leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this week’s link mashup.

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  1. says

    Hi Samantha,so you have brought another mashup this week.And i must tell you its the better one from the first. :)
    I like “How Know If Google Is Indexing My Articles Or Posts” from Arsie Organo.

    I would like make my mind clear about the date you have mentioned “6th July 2012″,is it the real date or you have to write “6th Aug “instead.Let me know if i am wrong.

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hey Aditya, thanks for your comment and I’m pleased you value the mashup this week. Thank you also for noticing the error I made on the date, I really did mean August lol, I’ve corrected this now. Thanks again.

      • says

        I guess you want to skip the month of august ha ha ha :) have you some misconception about this month.??Or want to take leave the whole month from writing articles…?
        ( just kidding Sam)

  2. says

    Hey samantha, all the listed articles are great but i like ‘Traffic from Youtube Is Like Gold’ mostly. as i recently started a youtube channel for my blog for some traffic.

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hi Rajkumar, thanks for your comment and I’m very pleased you enjoyed this week’s link mashup. Good luck with YouTube it is a worthy site to be using to promote traffic to your blog.

  3. says

    Pat Flynn’s 5 Ways to Unbox the Mystery and Increase Your Affiliate Income, had many “aha” moments and I had a lot to take away and put into action in my own blog.

    Found some new blogs to add to my RSS reader too..

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hey Shamelle, I am also a big fan of Patt’s blog too, I’m glad you were able to connect with some new blogs to add to your reader :) Enojoy your day.

  4. says

    Great list of articles, I liked the “5 Ways to Unbox the Mystery and Increase Your Affiliate Income” it’s one of the best posts. thanks for sharing

  5. says

    Fantastic list of articles, Samantha. I really like the Pat’s article – 5 steps to Increase Your Affiliate Income.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Samantha Wright says

      Hi Devesh, great to see you here again :) Pat’s post is proving to be a popular one and is well worth a read.

  6. Bhushan says

    Hi Samantha,
    WHAT A GREAT LIST then i want to say to say right article (good), right post,and very good work you derived here. This is awesome what you write here actually all articles are doing better work but i like mostly “How to make your blog stand out” and “traffic from Youtube is like gold”.Bhushan

  7. says

    Happy to see few blogs listed, that I love (especially Basic Blog Tips and iTechCode). They’re really added here, congrats to both.
    Well, I’m for my listing here! Hope that’ll be soon there, eventually I’ve to do more work!

  8. says

    That photo of your mashed potato made me drool a little. Well, what can I say… ? Congratulations, Sam for the wonderful weekload of posts! Keep them coming!

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