Ways To Get Your Brand Seen At The Olympics

The 2012 Olympics are in full swing and people all over the world are watching the athletes. Companies know the potential of the audience so they all try to get their brand seen by the consumers. Some pay the 825 million Euro price to become an official sponsor of the games but others don’t yet still connect with the audience. These companies have figured out ways to be involved with the Olympics commercial market and in some ways be perceived as an official sponsor.

Nike is a global brand that people know which is probably one of the reasons the company decided to not be an official sponsor. Yet their new commercial campaign seems to fit in right with other sponsors. In the ads athletes play different sports in locations all around the world named London such as London, Nigeria. Through these ads people get a sense that Nike is a sponsor since they are promoting the London Olympics in a subtle way. It can still be expensive to buy airtime for the ad but it’s still lower than the sponsor fee. With the ad airing in 25 countries Nike can still connect with the same audience at a lower price.


Here is a sentimental analysis on how people feel about the Nike ads which is overwhelmingly positive reactions.

*Graph created by Alerti

Companies follow Nike’s example and get their brand seen by the audience who watches the Olympics. Advertisement space can be bought on Olympic venues and commercial airtime. It’s effective to focus on a sports theme on your ad campaign so it has a better feel that goes along with the Olympics. Although not every company is like Nike and focuses on sports, there are ways to work with a sports theme in an ad.

This way audiences will believe that they are seeing a sponsor’s video.

Although being an official sponsor is no problem to some companies it’s not necessarily the best option for some companies to connect with the global audience. One of the limitations is that official sponsors can’t put up ads around the venues and aren’t officially associated with the games. Companies though are willing to pay just to say they are official sponsors but people might not see it any different. After the 2008 Beijing Olympics the China Market Research Group did surveys on Olympic sponsorship and found that close to 80% of Chinese consumers said they didn’t care who were the sponsors. This might not apply to this year’s Olympics but for example Nike is already getting more attention than Adidas who is an official sponsor.

In this episode of “The Future of Engagement” Murray Newlands reviews Nike’s non-sponsor techniques and ways other companies can follow their example.


Creating an advertising campaign even if you’re not an official sponsor can provide you with a global brand awareness opportunity.
Have advertising with sports themes and getting ads on commercial breaks and around the venues can be another option.
It’s not guaranteed that being a sponsor will always result in success for all brands.

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  1. Aditya says:

    To promote your business and make it work is a tough job.But Nike has made it so easy and opened new ideas for others to think beyond their limits.
    Having Olympics news and updates on your site will also help you in getting traffic if you are not an official partner for sponsoring Olympic games.
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  2. Derek Maak says:

    Hey Murray,

    So what about the little guy? What if a brand/company doesn’t have the money for sponsorship or for doing a major ad campaign like Nike? Anything they can do to get part of the action?
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  3. Tracy Ann says:

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