YouTube’s New Concept: The Video Creation Marketplace

YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace allows for a new type of partnership between companies and YouTube users. Advertisers can work directly with popular YouTube users to get a larger profit from viral videos. They can hire a YouTube user that fits their needs to create a video to market their product and that can reach a broad audience that trusts the content maker.

The new Video Creation Marketplace concept gives content producers profit opportunities by working with advertisers. Companies can reach their target demographics in an easier way through the videos produced. This new partnership has great potential not only for content producers but small businesses that can partner with an advertiser.

In this week’s episode of The Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands talks about YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace concept and the role of advertisers.


  • YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace
  • Content producers can successfully advertise their products.
  • New business interactions with advertisers

The social media monitoring tool Alerti was used to create the graph above. Alerti showed that the term “video content marketing” was at its highest mention peak with 4,500.

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