Outsourcing Blog Writing – To Do or Not to Do?

Bloggers often find themselves in an important dilemma – should they blog themselves or outsource it to content writers? Bloggers who justify outsourcing state that when the blog has grown to a certain level, it becomes difficult for the blogger to manage and write blog content, thus, outsourcing seems a better option. Right?

Here I am not taking any sides. Let’s just focus on some factors that come into focus when a blogger thinks of outsourcing blog development.

outsourcing blog writing

1.     Quality Issues –

This is one of the main issues associated with outsourcing. Quality issues arise because:

  1. The writer is not skilled and experienced, leading to low quality output;
  2. The writer is skilled but the remuneration is not proportional with the job, leading to lack of motivation to continue producing high quality blog content;
  3. The blogger does not have thorough knowledge of what constitutes quality.

These three factors will negatively spoil the growth of a blog. A blog is an independent entity; therefore, it is necessary that the blog owner knows what is suitable for its growth, hires quality writers and remunerates them accordingly. When all these factors are covered, quality issues will seldom arise.

2.    Expenses –

In all practicality, a blogger should not think of outsourcing unless the blog is making some kind of money. Of course, if the blog is part of a start-up then hiring bloggers in the beginning makes sense since the start-up must have a capital fund.

If outsourcing is done after the blog has started to make some money in the first case, no more than 30% should be spent on paying writers. Another 30% can be utilized for blog maintenance and hosting and the remaining 40% is the blogger’s earning.

In the second case, the start-up has to prepare a detailed plan of action with regards to content development, build a team of writers and prepare at least three months blog content in advance.

3.    Credits –

In the blogging world, not every blogger agrees to ghost writing anymore. Ghost blogging was ripe during 2009-2011 but its charm has faded a bit. Whether a blog owner is hiring another blogger or another writer, they prefer to get full credits for their contribution. For instance, they want their name, a brief bio and image on display with every post.

Ethically, this is not wrong at all. A blogger who understands the meaning of social or community engagement will always prefer to give contributors their due credit. Moreover, it is not good to assume that just because a blogging gig pays awesomely, anyone will agree to become a ghost blogger.

Nevertheless, before outsourcing your blog’s content writing job, be clear as to how you will represent the contributors on the blog.

End Note

Blogging has turned into a business. It is not wrong to outsource; however, be clear on the above three factors before advertising it.

  • http://nopassiveincome.com Chris @ NPI

    Hi Amit, really good tips. In expenses I plan also about 50% of fund (in the first year) for blog marketing (SEO and some other things). Do you make it by yourself, or include this cost into other things (such guest bloggers)?
    BR, Chris

  • http://travelwisconsin.us/ Liane Markus

    Actually, writing for me is very difficult most especially when thinking of the most appropriate and interesting topics. good thing I worked hard to develop and enhance my skills when it comes to writing.

  • http://www.makemoneypakistan.com/ Waqas Ahmed

    You are right Amit in saying that blogging is a business right but initially its very difficult for blogger like me to survive because of low expenses.

  • http://www.seoallrounder.com/ saad naeem

    you are certainly right Amit , ghost bloggers dont exist any more but what about the people who are buying content from freelancers and giving them credit by paying money lol

    p.s. – Amit i would really like you to write a guest post for me :)