4 Important Things to Remember Before Accepting Guest Posts on your Blog from This Day on…

Guest posting is exploding and bloggers are being pitched guest articles from left right and center… Many companies are implementing this effective link building strategy into their search engine marketing campaigns now more than ever, especially since the recent Google updates, and unfortunately many bloggers are and will end up publishing crap on their blog’s if they’re not too careful… A big if!

Some companies pitch for one simple reason, to get backlinks from you, they’re not interested in your readers or your little community you’ve worked hard to build over the months or years, they’re just interested in getting search engine rankings.

I don’t speak for all companies, just the majority…

Fellow bloggers, below are three important tips to keep in the back of your head before accepting any guest posts on your blog in the future. Here goes…

Ensure it’s related, useful and has your reader’s interest at heart

First of all ensure that any guest post pitches you receive from now on have your reader’s interest at heart. I know you probably already do, but work harder to ensure nothing else passes otherwise. So that’s taking into consideration the relevancy of the content of the guest post and how useful it’s going to be for your readers. Ask yourself this, what’s in it for your readers?

Ensure its Exclusive Stuff

Secondly, ensure it is exclusive material for your blog only and has not been published two or three times elsewhere on the web, you run a blog offering high quality content to your readership, not an article directory site, bare that in mind. One simple way to find out if guest posts are exclusive or not is to copy and paste sections of the post itself into Google and run a search, and also check the title.

Ensure it’s not self-promotional crap

More often than not self-promotional content have little to no value to your readers. It all boils back down to not being an article directory site… You should avoid such posts, I get a lot of pitches each week from companies throwing self-promo content at me, and reading through them actually is a waste of time.

There are of course acceptances, if a guest post contains information or links to resources which you believe your readers will find useful or is relevant, then by all means let it slide. If you get a really good guest post that has 4 or 5 outbound links that are to none-relevant sites that offer no value, then my advice would be to remove them and let the author know.

Let me know your thoughts on this, do you receive guest posts with none-relevant outbound links and if so what do you do with them?

Ensure that guest posts follow your guidelines

Last but now least is that ensure that those submitting guest post for your consideration are aware of your guest post guidelines. I say this over and over again; it’s pretty simple but important stuff.

OK, over to you! Let me know your thoughts and reactions on the 4 points I’ve shared with you above, leave me a comment below.

  • http://www.bloggingwp.com Lee Ka Hoong

    I agree with you Fabrizio, I recently rejected a guest post which talk about some Online Compliance which relates to sales and purchase, a topic which I think is too formal and theoretical for my blog readers. Guest post is good for a blog but we have to justify whether it’s good for our readers too. Of course, we shall have strong reason to reject and not to hurt the guest blogger. :)

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Lee, thanks for stopping by man :) that’s interesting, how often do you get posts like these? I agree with you, rejection isn’t made to disheartened guest bloggers, but just to reinforce the guidelines we have in place.

  • http://www.internet-khazana.com/blog/ Mohsin Ali

    I reject lots of guest posts submitted on my blog due to its doesn’t add any value to my blog readers.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      That’s a real shame Moshin, the whole purpose of accepting guest posts is to add value, guest writers should be aware of this. Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://howtospecialist.com Jack Sander

    I also had several guest posting requests, but I had to take them down due to poor quality of the articles. As you have pointed out, we have to maintain a high editorial standard and link only authority sites.

  • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Exactly, Jack. I always encourage new guest writers to check and see what other guest writers are doing on a particular blog, i.e. the standard of writing, subject matters etc. This should give them and indication of what is expected when writing for a blog of interest. Thanks for commenting today, have a great weekend :)

  • http://speeduppc4free.com/backup-cydia-apps Becca

    It’d be interesting see an experiement done on a guest blog. Perhaps using a video could help in this area. Might be a good idea, too, for teen bloggers.

  • Rene

    You certainly nailed some good points here, I find that now more than ever (after the last few google updates)

  • http://www.ordersciencebooks.com Pete Goumas

    Hi Fabrizio,
    We should be careful in accepting guest post because it also represents our website and we should accept it if it add value to our blog and yes, it should not only for self promotion. Thankyou for the key points to remember before accepting guest posts.

  • http://www.panoramicuniversal.com/ Adrian

    That’s indeed a real case scenario after the recent Google Penguin Update! I have seen an enormous increment in the nos. of guest post requests but now i am giving the preference to only those contents which give a real and interesting sense of information and if the content seems like a promotional thing , I simply reject them! thanks Fabrizio !

  • http://www.e-wali.com Ahmad Wali

    I agree! I’ve been bombarded with guest post requests and to allow backlinks within body of a guest post. I have clearly now mentioned in my Guest Post guidelines that all the links from body will be paid links. Turning out to be very helpful!

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Ahmad thanks for stopping by, paid links… that is indeed a very good idea, something for others to consider doing also. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  • http://notordinaryblogger.com Okto

    Hi Fabrizio,

    I haven’t officialy opened a guest post opportunity in my blog yet (I plan on it for the next year). Your tips here are usefull enough for me to make sure my request is accepted. Many advantage we can get from being a guest blogger (more than just traffic and backlinks), I believe that.


  • http://www.terryconti.com Terry Conti

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Your points are well taken and very important. Just the other day I get in my inbox that a car dealership wants to run a guest post on my blog about a car. If my blog was a car blog I’d probably consider it.

    When you come to my blog, it’s obvious it’s not a car blog, I wonder who ever sent the email even saw my blog. It’s gotten real bad out there so blog owners must be very careful.

    I would think the best place to accept a guest post on your blog is from regular commentators who have a related blog as yours that come to your blog with valuable comments. Then you will have trust in knowing what ever they write on your blog will be worth while.

    Invite regulars who come to your blog on a regular basis and who you have developed a relationship with to do quest posts. Catch you later Fabrizio and thank you for the important post.

    Terry Conti

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Terri thanks for stopping by, your experience with companies pitching guest posts of non-relevant nature, like the car dealership, is very typical. It’s those kinds that really don’t care about readership and engagement. You’re absolutely right though is stating that accepting guest posts from your regular commentators and those who have contributed to your community is the best way.

  • http://www.communitycollegetransferstudents.com/blog/ Chad Agrawal

    What if some of the links in the guest post is paid for by a client? How would you know? Then, you would be violating Google’s guidelines.