Review: BlogVault WordPress Backup Service

Here is a personal but unbiased review of BlogVault WordPress backup. Building a blog is awesome fun, it’s rewarding and as time surpasses you begin to feel as if you’re actually building a business and not just a blog. At time of publish I’ve been blogging for a little under 2 years, since this post has been updated on the 8th May 2013 I’ve now been blogging for a little under 3 years.

Having built an awesome catalog of content of over 500+ posts and guest content, approved countless comments and built a reputable brand surrounding my blog, I couldn’t imagine what I would do if anything were to happen to all my hard work and all that content.

You hear so many horror stories of how some bloggers have literally lost all their content, all their hard work gone to waste, in many cases through no fault of their own. Blogs get hacked into everyday and with the recent news of WordPress brute force attacks, taking backing up seriously has never been more important.

I stumbled upon BlogVault in April 2012 and I’m so glad that I have, for the last 12 months or so I’ve slept safe and sound with the knowledge that my blog finally had a decent enough backup plan.

BlogVault WordPress Backup

What is BlogVault?

According to Wiki – BlogA personal journal published on the world wide web.… Vaulta reinforced room or compartment where valuables are stored…

BlogVault is a WordPress backup service solution that is affordable and ever so easy to setup. I’m positive that there are many other great backup service providers out there including VaultPress, another great service provided by no other than the founders of WordPress themselves, but I was looking for something a little more affordable to suit my budget and BlogVault was the right choice for me.

Backing up my WordPress blog with BlogVault costs me $9 per month, some might consider that to be quite steep, and at first glance I thought that the price was a little high, but here’s what you get for a basic plan of $9 per month.

Full backup service for 1 WordPress site

  1. 30 Day hostory
  2. Test restore available
  3. Easy site migration
  4. Single file restore
  5. Save to DropBox

Other plans available are an Agency plan and a VIP plan. See screen grab below.

BlogVault WordPress Backup

A few things you need to know about backing up your blog

I’m positive that there are countless amazing free backup plugins or other solutions available out there, plugins that allow you to download all the files to your blog and save it somewhere safe on your hard drive or some kind of online storage. That’s great, but I for one wouldn’t know what to do with all those files should I ever need to restore my blog? Would you?

Unless you’re a techy which I’m not, then who would know how to restore a blog using files sat on their hard drive? The average blogger isn’t your average web techy.

Which is why BlogVault takes care of everything; they backup every aspect of your WordPress site including database, files, themes, images, comments, posts, plugins and more…

Below are some of the features that you can come to expect from using BlogVault to backup your WordPress blog.

1. Test Restore

To ensure that your blog is securely backed up through BlogVault, you can actually run a test restore from your BlogVault dashboard, and within a few seconds you’ll see a full working version of your blog restored on a domain.

Check out the screen shots below taken from my BlogVault dashboard, I’ve managed to run a test restore to demonstrate to you that I can see exactly how everything has been backed up… pretty sweet.

BlogVault WordPress Backup Test Restore

BlogVault WordPress Backup Test Restore

2. Amazon S3

BlogVault stores multiple copies of all the backed up data of your WordPress site on secure Amazon S3 servers. This ensures the highest safety possible for all parts of your blog.

3. Multiple site backup

If you have more than one WordPress blog site, that’s cool as everything can be backed up from a single place in your BlogVault dashboard. No need for multiple accounts.

4. Hosting / Domain Migration

If you ever need to move your WordPress blog to a new hosting provider, or a new domain, you can do it the hard way, the costly way or the ‘no sweat’ way. BlogVault has an automatic restore tool, which lets you move your entire WordPress site from A to B effortlessly.

5. No blog too big, No blog too small

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your WordPress blog is, BlogVault can cater for all your backup requirements

6. No Local Storage

No one likes to have slow disk usage or lingering redundant files on their blog, which is why BlogVault doesn’t create any unnecessary local files on your site, unlike most plugins that will do just that.

So there you have folks, some of the great features and why I choose BlogVault for backing up my WordPress blog. It could be the answer to your backup solutions too, and what’s more, everything is automated, once you’ve signed up for the free trial and have selected a plan to suit your blog’s needs, you’ll get access to the WordPress plugin which you can then upload via your WordPress dashboard, and the rest is taken care of.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on using a premium backup service for your blog? Do you value your content enough to dump that old bulk standard free plugin and opt in for a more professional backup service?

Let me know your thoughts, in the meantime I urge you to check out BlogVault.


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