8 Useful Things To Do With Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile, 8 things you should do… If you’re not familiar at all with LinkedIn, then let me explain it to you briefly… LinkedIn is a professional social networking site for business people.

LinkedIn currently has over 120 million users, and opens up new opportunities for like minded business individuals to connect with thousands of professional contacts; from company CEO’s to teachers, mentors and bloggers.

LinkedIn doesn’t just allow you to connect with professional people, but it is also a resource super-centre, in which you can find experts in any industry to engage with, and help you create new ideas to share and use towards steering your online business to success.

If you don’t currently have a LinkedIn profile then do so, it’s free to signup. If you’re already an avid LinkedIn user then today I want to share with you 8 things to do with your LinkedIn profile, if you haven’t already done so.

Write a damn good profile summary

The profile summary section in your LinkedIn profile is your unique opportunity to sell yourself. And sell yourself well… So make sure you make a damn good job of it. Take note…

  • Highlight your strong points
  • Highlight your achievements
  • Highlight your commitments, ambitions and passion to succeed
  • Talk about your latest or recent projects
  • Mention the people you have worked with…

Here is a brief example of Fabrizio’s profile –

Fabrizio’s Summary – A passionate and creative internet entrepreneur focused on community building, sharing ideas and helping others to succeed online. Fabrizio has extensive experience in self-promotion and is driven by the desire to learn from others and adapt to new ideas and strategies… [..]

Add the WordPress Blog App to your LinkedIn Profile

If you have a blog with WordPress which I’m pretty sure you will do, you can share your latest posts with your LinkedIn connections, using the WordPress LinkedIn App to sync your WordPress blog with your LinkedIn profile. This is also a great way to drive new readers to your blog and get people engaging more on your site.

You can find the LinkedIn WordPress app here –


Don’t forget to add a link back to your LinkedIn profile from your blog, so that you can grow your connections.

Add the Twitter feed App

The Twitter feed app is a must-use app, it will enable you to share your latest tweets on your LinkedIn profile for your connections and visitors in general to view. You can access the app here –


Create Profiles in other Languages

If you speak other forms of languages consider creating your LinkedIn profile in multiple languages, to engage with a wider audience.

Upload your Desktop Email Contacts and Send Connection Invites

As well as searching for connections within your niche or industry on LinkedIn, you can also grow your connections list by uploading your desktop email list and sending out invitations. You can upload your list in csv, txt or vcf.

LinkedIn Upload List

Upload your desktop email list to LinkedIn…

Ask to be endorsed…

If you have a number of connections on LinkedIn that are familiar with you and your work, perhaps an ex company or work colleague, then ensure you make an effort to ask for their recommendations… Offer to recommend them back also.

Post a Job

LinkedIn is a great place to post job vacancies and it’s easy too. You can really be descriptive about the job role, add your company profile, and collect applications in your LinkedIn account or redirect applicants to an external page on your website or blog.

Create a Group

Finally why not create a group in your LinkedIn profile? You could create a group for a specific product or service, for your blog site or anything you want. Create discussions and allow others within your group to do the same… This is a great way to promote anything you wish on LinkedIn and get some real feedback and responses from the group.

Of course LinkedIn has plenty more features and benefits, tools and resources for you to lay your hands, so don’t just think by having a profile is sufficient enough, explore everything LinkedIn has to offer you.

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    Can someone elaborate on the benefits of creating profiles in other languages? Are there any specific benefits?

    • http://www.seoservicesuk.biz Addie

      Hi Anita!

      Since LinkedIn is for business minded people. It’s a natural advantage if you speak different languages specially if you target the international market. Clients will be more interested in candidates who can speak multiple language.

      - Addie

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    Well, thanks a lot for telling us about LinkedIn’s benefits, this information is rather useful for me. Actually I have an account there, but don’t use all its opportunities

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    I have a LinkedIn account and a fair number of contacts, but never really understood what to do with it :( I am by no means a professional at blogging or marketing, but this information makes me feel like I can at least take advantage of LinkedIn for some marketing…Thanks for the good info!

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      Hey John, you’re welcome and welcome to the blog.

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    Linkedin profiles are great. I’ve used a few of them to find content for my website. I do interviews of people. Linkedin provides me with a chance to search for a certain career background then read about some options. If I find someone I like I contact them. I usually get a response because these people are pretty savvy about the importance of networking and getting there name out.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Timmy, thanks for sharing your LinkedIn activities with us. The interviews sound pretty interesting.

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