Discovering and Promoting Your Personal Brand through Social Media

Promoting your personal brand – Finding your personal brand is a lot easier said than done: it requires identifying and highlighting certain qualities about yourself that are entirely unique and noteworthy when compared to other professionals in your industry. The concept of personal branding is a form of self-packaging that can include several characteristics of an individual, including body, clothing, appearance, and knowledge.

To develop your personal brand, determine which of your characteristics is highly original and most likely to catch on with a consumer base. Although discovering these characteristics on your own can be challenging, it’s likely that you have already established a personal brand that your peers associate with you and you just don’t know it yet.

First, you have to put yourself out there so others can begin to get to know you and discover what your personal brand is. One way you can begin establishing your personal brand on a large scale is by using social media to reach out to a broader consumer base. Twitter is usually the best place to start for this because the site lacks the exclusivity factor that is often associated with other forms of social media.

promoting your personal brand

Following someone on Twitter is a much more casual practice than adding them on Facebook or subscribing to their blog. Therefore, your Twitter account can act as an introduction for potential partners and consumers to get to know you and your personal brand. You should include links to all of your alternative social networking accounts on each of your social networking profiles.

The purpose of your blog, on the other hand, is to give potential partners and consumers the opportunity to get to know your personal brand on a more intimate level, which means that the opinion of this group will be the most important in determining what your personal brand is.

Once you have established your professional image on multiple social media websites, your personal brand should become clearer to you. This image should be a perfect balance between how others perceive you and the image you want to portray. An imbalance of this formula will usually result in an unsuccessful personal brand, so it’s highly important that you make sure to fully accommodate each aspect.

One of the most important facets of your personal brand will be your educational background. Regardless of the image you want to portray, you should always have a solid educational foundation to gain the trust of potential partners and consumers. If your education is not as substantial as you would like it to be, it might benefit your personal brand if you consider returning to school, either in a traditional setting or through online alternatives. You may even be able to use this concept to your advantage.

For example, say you are a single mother who is choosing to go back to school online so you can more effectively run your own business while balancing responsibilities at home. You would be an inspiration to other single mothers who may have similar goals, which would also contribute to your personal brand.

After your personal brand is fully established, you will want to write out a clear and concise message that your personal brand represents. Following this, you should strive to maintain consistency on all of your social media websites. This means consistent photographs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogger, as well as a consistent voice.

Before creating a post, ask yourself “Is this in line with the message of my personal brand?” If your voice or image doesn’t line up with the message of your personal brand, simply don’t post the material. Remember: consistency is key when it comes to solidifying your personal brand and maintaining public interest.

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  • Raj

    I have multiple identities in multiple sites. I guess I could have made them all into a single personal brand. It would have been easier to promote it everywhere that way. I guess its too late now, but I’ll try to integrate what every is possible.

  • Pest Control

    The power is in the brand! Once your website is trusted you will begin to see the power of your brand. Building a strong brand requires a lot of hard work and research and the brand must be consistent and relevant to its Brand name.

  • Rebecca J. Parker

    Great post! But I have also fallen with the same mistake like Raj. I hope I can still make it :) Happy new year.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Happy new year Rebecca, thanks for dropping by :)

  • Liane Markus

    Social Media for me is really very helpful and useful when it come to discovering and promoting a brand. However, this needs time and effort before you will be able to succeed with the goals and dreams that you have planned. Thanks for this great and helpful information.

    • Andy

      Same For me. Social Media is one of the great help for my site too.

      Happy new year too all of you here.

  • Murfreesboro real estate

    Promoting your brand can help you to meet new people who may help you in terms of becoming your customers or people who you can share as well as get information from. It is important to build your brand and make it strong before you promote it in order for it to be more attractive.

  • Grey

    I have spent the last couple of years, working on building my own brand and I don’t think I have done badly. I have created my blog to build my own brand. There is only one me and I’m using my blog to set me apart and to allow people to connect with me as a real person.Personal branding is critical when you’re building your business online. People always buy YOU first, then your products or services.

  • Shopping Bags

    The importance of personal branding will help you draw the attention of the crowd and create a greater opportunity to be noticed. Personal branding will allow you a greater advantage over others who are branding a particular product or a specific provider or company.