Infolinks or Performance-based RPC? Which is the Better Payment Model for in-text Advertising?

Infolinks and other in-text monetization companies create little, non-intrusive advertising links on your website that link to products places by people who advertise with the in-text monetization company. Infolinks does pay per click, so you get paid each time an add is clicked, but other companies use different payment models.

But are there better options to pay-per-click?

Infolinks Pay Per Click Ads

Infolinks pay per click ads work by keeping track of when somebody clicks an ad on your site. When someone clicks the ad, Infolinks is notified that the ad was clicked and who is paying for the ad. You get paid an amount based on bidding: Competitors can bid on how much they will pay and whoever pays the most has their keywords show up for specific terms more frequently. However, the ads are still targeted so that even a high-bidding ad will not show up if it is not relevant to that specific user.

Infolinks or performance-based RPC

Infolinks DOES NOT do performance-based pay

Infolinks sticks to traditional, old-style PPC and thus does not do performance based RPC. Performance-based RPC mixes traditional PPC with other methods, i.e., where you pay for a trial or a registration (PPL) or for a sale (PPA). Revenue per click works by setting a minimum that publishers receive each time somebody clicks on an add on their site. INTENTclick sets this to $.07, and if the publisher is part of INTENTclick’s pay-per-sale program then the publisher also gets paid directly for each lead or sale they convert.

Then, the publisher gets paid more per click depending on their conversion rate. So if a site has a lot of click-throughs but few people actually buy the end product then they will get paid $.07 per click. On the other hand, a site with fewer clicks will get paid more than $.07 per click if those clicks convert further down the sales funnel.

This creates a mutually beneficial situation for both advertisers and publishers. Publishers benefit because they get advertisers who will aim their text content toward readers who will convert to leads or sales, so they both sell more products and get a better bang for their buck. Advertisers like it because they get rewarded for writing good content that encourages reading from people who are likely to convert.

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This post was written by guest blogger Murray Newlands.
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  1. Raj says:

    Paying more for leads that convert (over and above a click) is a good idea, but I still don’t like the in-line links ad concept. I hope Adsense implements something similar. If publishers are rewarded for certain actions, they can focus on creating more content that would convert.
    Raj recently posted..The Definitive Guide to Developing Your Social Media Strategy – Part 4: How to Define Your Social Media Marketing GoalsMy Profile

  2. Yeah , Infolinks is following the traditional strategies ! They does not pay us on the basis of performance . Sometimes , I don’t even get a single cent for a valid click , so I’m thinking to remove it from my blog . What do you say dude ?
    PrIyAnGsHu @ MoneyEarningSecrets.Com recently posted..Godaddy $1 Domain Discount Coupon – November 2011 ( New )My Profile

    • Murray Newlands says:

      Infolinks gives publishers no incentive to produce content that works well for advertisers and there’s been a lot of chatter on the Web lately about their ability to pay bloggers. I don’t know if it’s true but there’s been a lot of talk on forums about publishers not getting paid by Infolinks. On the other hand, I know that INTENTclick pays pretty well so that’s one reason why I recommend them (for sites about making money, and about coupons) over Infolinks.

  3. Nice article Murray, I actually stopped using Infolinks a long time ago because the earnings from it was very puny and I suppose it is due to the system it uses like you said. I have not checked out IntentClick till now and will do so now that I have read something good about it. Anyways my knowledge was increased today as I came to now about performance based RPC thanks a lot for sharing this.
    Shiva @ Blogging Tips recently posted..Commentluv Premium Review – Why I Opted For ItMy Profile

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