Good Reasons Why WordPress is still the Best Blogging Platform in the Business

In the blogging arena, almost every blog is powered by WordPress. Do you know why?

Because a lot of people are enticed by the fact that WordPress is free; it’s free, it’s popular so that means everyone should therefore use it right? No… It’s not like that at all, I agree that WordPress is somewhat free, but that’s not the main reason behind why every other blogger looks towards WordPress when they are thinking about starting a new blog or website project.

The main reasons that make WordPress the no.1 choice for most bloggers, designers and business owners is its reputation, adaptation, its resource and support. This 4 are main pillars that carry the weight of successfulness of WordPress. But there are some smaller pillars that play quite a major role that also make WordPress so successful.

WordPress Pumpkin

In this post I’ll talk about some of those major pillars that make WordPress almost every bloggers no.1 choice and one that makes WordPress so much successful and popular amongst many.


You don’t have to read any manuals or guides to make yourself familiar with WordPress. All you have to do is just spend some time in diving into WordPress and take a look at each and every option and settings that WordPress offers.  After spending a few hours you’ll find yourself becoming familiar with almost every feature and tools in WordPress.

UI (User Interface):

WordPress UI

WordPress 3.2 User Interface

How everything looks also matters to a lot of people. If Britney Spears wasn’t so attractive no one would want to photograph her in the limelight. The same goes for WordPress; the UI of WordPress is so sleek yet simple to understand that you simply can’t remove yourself from falling in love with it. You don’t really need any tutorials on how to familiarise yourself with the UI in WordPress.

One more thing is that with each new WordPress update, the UI gets better and better, like a diamond, the more you polish the more it shines…

SEO Friendly:

Doing SEO for a normal website or blog can be a big problem, as every WordPress enthusiast knows WordPress is an SEO friendly CMS (Content Management System) that help us to boot our blogs and website rankings high into the search engine. WordPress makes the tasks of the search engines a lot easier, easier to crawl, easier to rank.

Not only that, but by installing a dedicated SEO plugin into your WordPress blog, you are also able to take your blog SEO to whole new level.


Do you want to do something new with your WordPress blog or want to make some changes, a few modifications maybe? No worries, WordPress has lots of resources to help you to achieve your desired look. With a vast library of resources you are able to learn lots of new things about WordPress as well as being able to increase the width of your knowledge and experience that you already have.

So if whenever you find yourself stuck with the technical aspect of using WordPress, remember there are lots of resources out there that you can use to get yourself out of the problem fairly easily.


Plugins are like the icing on a cake that makes cakes evermore irresistible. Plugins have huge supporting hands behind successfulness of WordPress, with a plugin you are able to add almost any kind of features, functionality that you want in your blog to make it more engaging, interactive and attractive. Like adding notification bars, speeding up loading time, image captions, post types etc.

Plugins can help any non-coder blogger to add any kind of functionality to their blogs, where in most cases only a guy with coding abilities are able to add. So ultimately it saves you money on having to source out a website coder to get your desired feature on blog.

Pro-Tip: If you already have some coding skills then you can make money and get tons of traffic by creating your own premium WordPress plugin, you can do this sat in the comfort of your armchair at home even.


Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to selecting a suitable theme for their blog or website project. But it doesn’t matter what your theme checklist contains you will always be able to find thousands of free or premium WordPress themes that correctly fits in frame your preferences.

All you have to so is just do a simple Googlesearch with the queries “Free WordPress themes” if you are searching for free WordPress theme or “Premium WordPress themes” if you are searching for premium WordPress themes, and hit the enter button, its that simple.


WordPress also has support for some amazing frameworks like Genesis, thesis, Headway, Catalyst etc… that makes WordPress even more fun to use. By using any of these frameworks, pretty much any novice coder (like me) can easily create a good looking eye-catching blog design.


The stunning Legacy Theme by StudioPress for Genesis Theme Framework

If you take an in-depth tour of some of the well known blogs, then you’ll soon find that the majority of them run on WordPress frameworks, because they understand that when the two are combined together, life becomes easier.

If you want to make your blogging life easier then you should also choose a WordPress framework to suits your WordPress blogging needs. If you were to ask me which I’d personally recommend it would easily be Genesis by an absolute long shot, because it fit’s in any frame of requirements.

So these are some pillars that make WordPress every blogger and business owner’s no.1 choice and have a huge hand behind the success of WordPress and those who use it. So carefully use these pillars to craft your own online mansion in business and in blogging…

Photo by: Eric M Martin

  • Ashish

    Most importantly I feel SEO friendly and easy to use interface is one of the reasons for wordpress to be the no.1!!

  • Raj

    For one blog that I started recently, I have decided to use the Blogger platforms. I wish to remind you that a lot of changes are happening with Blogger as well, which makes both platforms very interesting.

  • Robin

    I really agree with this one. I’ve been a wordpress user since I first started my test blog when I was a teen. WordPress also has lot of useful plugins which bloggers can definitely benefit for their site.

  • Romy Singh

    Hi Raj,

    I completely agree with you that blogger is also a good platform for blogging. But WordPress is a leading CMS because of the many reasons that I have mentioned in the post

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