How Many Websites Does It Take To Make A Full Time Income? – Surprise!

You know for years my focus has been on creating websites and creating content and then working my tail off to promote each one. Recently I was asked just how many sites do you have to have to make a decent full time income.

My initial response is that it depends. It depends on the performance of each site. Maybe you have two hot products and eight that aren’t and you have a series of AdSense sites that go up and down in revenue as well. In the early days of my business I had nearly 90.

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And then I thought about the question again. How many sites do you need to earn a full time income? The real answer is… one.

The value of a focused effort

Did your parents ever tell you “If you spent as much time studying as you do playing ball you could get a scholarship for college” or something along those lines? What they were really trying to tell you is that you benefit more if you focus your energy on the task that yields the greatest rewards.

The same holds true in our business. I look at my own growth and think back to all the effort that I’ve put into promoting so many separate websites. What if I had just picked one and put in the same hours and effort?

All of the backlinks that I have today pointing at my sites would only be pointing at one. How powerful would that make me in the search results? And those thousands of pages of content…I’d have one mega authority site if they were on all one website.

If I were starting out today

If I had to start over I would write up a business plan to build the best and biggest website in my chosen topic. And once I had my topic picked here’s what I’d do:

  1. I’d produce articles, blog posts, video and audio content for one site.
  2. I’d focus all the attention from my guest posting to one site.
  3. I’d focus all of my backlinking juice to one site.
  4. I’d create more video publishing it to YouTube promoting one site.
  5. I’d have one email list bringing my subscribers back to one site.
  6. I’d develop my Twitter following to promote one site.
  7. I’d develop my FaceBook likes and Google pluses all for one site.
  8. I’d recruit guest writers for one site.
  9. I’d develop and submit my podcast to top podcast directories bringing the listeners back to one site.
  10. I’d better manage my analytics and conversion rates because I’d have more time working on one site.

And that’s just the beginning.

I guess my point is that all my energy would be focused on a single project. My objective would be to become the best recognized brand in that field and be perceived as an authority site by Google. And that brings up another advantage. Because of the growth you’ll get more feedback which gives you a better feel for what’s on your audience’s mind and what you have to do to keep them coming back. By default you become an expert on a single topic rather than an informed person on a variety of topics.

So if you have a site that deals in infrared digital photography and another for infrared filters  and a dozen other sites on different topics, give some thought to picking the one with the most potential and going after it exclusively.

That’s my take on it. I’d love to hear what you think.

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James Martell is well known as an affiliate marketing specialist in outsourcing and SEO. He is also a speaker and does weekly podcasts and affiliate marketing trainings. James is host of the Affiliate Buzz podcast on WebmasterRadio.FM (the first ever and longest running affiliate marketing podcast), and creator of the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp where he teaches others how to make money with affiliate marketing. He lives in White Rock BC, a seaside suburb of Vancouver on west coast of Canada with his wife, Arlene.


  1. I also feel that it depends on how well the site is doing and how much time we can still devote to run more. While there are many who run a number of sites some don’t even have the time to create one. I think what is important is, to run it efficiently, to perfection if not nearly to perfection.

  2. But would you have the same Level of experience if you had chosen to focus on just one site? I don’t think so, because with many different sites you get a better look for things, that work and things that don’t. But you’re right: one big successful site would mean more income than several smaller sites, at the same level of effort.

  3. What i can say it’s all up to your money income from your website. Some people perhaps just take 5 or 6 sites to handle and some others have to take 20 and above. There is no standard at all.

  4. I think this is a great point you have raised here James. I used to be of the train of thought that I had to have many websites for my online income. I now am beginning to realise that it may be better to have fewer quality sites that are filled with content that is relevant.

    Now if only I could own say 10 quality authority websites… :-)

  5. martinadana says:

    Certainly there are so many work and business opportunities on the web. Yes, if we just focus on one website and give our best on it, I think it is much better than to maintain many website and very stressful for you.

  6. Hey James,

    Focusing your energy on tasks that will give you the best rewards is a smart decision. I think most people avoid making mega authority sites like you’ve described here is because they feel it takes too long to see these rewards. However, I think at the end of the day it’s very much worth it. Thanks for sharing, I agree completely with everything you said here.

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