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One of my goals for 2011 has been to build a large list of email contacts for my blog, and whilst it’s also been one of the most challenging aspects of online marketing for me personally, I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks along the way, mostly thanks to the help of other internet marketers on the web, eBooks that I’ve read, and engaging on internet marketing forums and so forth.

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Now, the trusty old email opt-in form is a great tool to have and use, to know how to use it effectively makes it even more powerful tool, so if you’re just starting out, consider grabbing and using your email opt-in form right from the very start.

Today I’d like to share with you 5 places on your blog or website where you should consider placing your email opt-in form, for getting the most out of attracting as many subscribers as possible to your site. Let’s take a look -

#1 Embed your Opt-in in the Sidebar

You will probably notice by visiting a number of blogs that a lot of webmasters place their email opt-in forms in the sidebar, normally with an incentive to subscribe. This is a great place to start, just ensure if possible, to place it above the fold of your site; this is because a lot of visitors can’t be bothered to scroll down to find your opt-in form. Placing it close to the top can attract a lot more potential subscribers.

Also, I’ve tested both sides of the page in my own site, and have found the right-hand sidebar, if you’re using a sidebar, to be the more prominent place for an opt-in form, with better conversions.

#2 Embed your Opt-in in form in your Topbar

The topbar in my mind is the most prominent place to embed an email opt-in form; this is because most visitors landing on any page of your site will see your opt-in form immediately. I’d also highly recommend using the ViperBar plugin to achieve this. The ViperBar plugin caters for some of the big players in email marketing services such as Aweber and MailChimp, as well as facilities for FeedBurner.

#3 Embed your Opt-in form in your About Page

This is something I’ve recently learned and started implementing on my art site, and could be quite effective for you too, if your about page is one of the most viewed pages on your site. Adding your opt-in form here will encourage visitors to subscribe after reading your appropriately impressive about page. Why not try it for yourself.

#4 Embed your Opt-in at the end of your Posts

You’ll also see a lot of bloggers and webmasters embedding their opt-in forms at the end of their posts. Again this can be a good place to attract targeted subscribers, especially if they’ve found your content to be of great value and therefore want to subscribe.

#5 Use an email Pop-up Form

Finally, email opt-in pop-up forms are quite common on many blogs and websites, however be careful with this tactic; I personally think that if someone is landing on your blog for the very first time and have no idea what it’s about, why the hell would they want to subscribe to it? I also think it’s quite off putting to have to click the close box each time you visit a page and one pops up. That’s just my view on using instant pop-up subscription forms. But needless to say it’s an option and one that works quite effectively for many people.

What ever options you choose, don’t limit yourself. From the very start, choose two or three good places to add your email opt-in form and start building those subscribers fast.

Here is a quick recap of the 5 placements for your email opt-in form.

  • Place in the sidebar of your blog
  • Place in the topbar of your blog
  • Place in your ‘about us’ page of your blog
  • Place at the end of your posts
  • Use a pop-up form

One more tip…

Just one quick tip for building subscribers using your opt-in form – Try and avoid offering every option of subscription to your site, i.e. using FeedBurner RSS/email form, social networking etc. I’ve personally found that by offering one type of subscription, i.e. email, I received a lot more subscribers quickly. If you must offer alternative types of subscription to your site but want to make email your number one propriety, give your email opt-in form top placements on your blog and the rest can follow.

Over to you now…

Now over to you, have you tried any of the methods above? Which has been the most successful tactic for you to build lots of subscribers? Share with us your comments, tips, suggestions, and any criticisms below as always.

Oh, and before I forget, if you’ve enjoyed this little roundup of tips, then why not subscribe to our email newsletter using the opt-in form below.

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  1. Nice article Fabrizio. Tip 5 works better than others for my blog. good list. thanks for the share.
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  2. Use an email Pop-up Form i think this is one of the best way you told
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  3. I love your tips, I am learning this now and I found you on, thanks for connecting with me ~ Jackie

  4. Impressed with the opt-in idea and the implementation at the end of the post. I also agree, if you give too many choices for subscription, it can drive the user away because it automatically looks like extra work, even if it isn’t, and for some the conspiracy-theory slash big brother fear might kick in. If you are after only their email, they feel safer and it is easier. Too many choices can be a burden. Regards, Leonard

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