Consider Audience and Interest Areas for Social Media Success

If you post something on Facebook or Twitter or blog on a topic and you meet with deathly silence from friends, followers and fans, does it make a difference? It may not matter if you are posting or blogging on a personal basis. However, you may be trying to engage with people online by posting content as part of a campaign that attempts to boost your brand or business presence online with the help of an SEO company. In the latter case, it can be considered professional hara kiri.

Meeting social media goals

Regardless of whether your SEO and social media goals are professional or personal, they require a comprehensive strategy, considerable time and focused effort. Ensure that all your planning, energy and time you put into your campaigns get an optimum return on investment. Where these campaigns are concerned, you can ensure good returns by seeking the services of a professional SEO company and following these guidelines:

  • Accurately identifying your audience.
  • Determining the topics that will fire up your target audience and get them engaged.
  • Finally make sure you have shared what you have written using the right social media avenues.

Determine audience with analytic services

In order to write on topics that will catch the attention of your reader base, you first have to get a handle on the kind of audience you are catering to. There are several analytic programs available, both free as well as paid, that will help you figure out who exactly your Facebook and Twitter audience actually comprises of. You can get details such as geographic location or time zone and other demographic details like gender, age, and language preferred, or activities and biographic profiles, as well as how they engage with or comment on your brand.

Determine the topics you should be covering

Once you have determined who your loyal following is, you must work out what they like to read and discuss. You can do this by using analytic tools like Facebook Insights to check which topics you are considered to have expertise in and the posts that have received the most shares, comments, and likes. Use this platform in conjunction with the services of an SEO company to optimize other website content and blog posts with the right keywords and tags.

Likewise, you can utilize the services of sites that tell you which of your followers carry the most clout, helping you pick topics based on their preferences. Additionally, there are tools that can tell you all about your Twitter account history – which Tweets you sent received the most number of replies as well as their density. Essentially you will be looking for data telling you which of your posts went viral so that you can attempt to replicate that effort.

Use the right social media avenues

Don’t forget to pick the right social media services. There are so many out there that it can be confusing to decide which to patronize. Your SEO company can help you identify the ideal social media choices based on your business needs and growth plans. Now that you have all the steps down pat, go ahead and write those posts and articles that are sure to strike a chord with your audience and go viral.

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