How to Take Your Existing Content Research to an All New Level by Repurposing It

You may have been in the Internet marketing business for some time now, and your files are filled with content that was valuable to you. But, did you know that this content could still be very valuable now? If you take your existing content and convert it into fresh material with new backlinks, you could be seeing more conversions from content that is currently collecting dust in your database. Did I pique your interest? If so, read on.

I would like to discuss a technique that at first might seem like article marketing. However, it’s not even close to the same thing. Those familiar with my writings know I wouldn’t go near today’s article marketing, and advise others to steer clear of it as well. Submitting articles of low quality to sites that are also of low quality is a recipe for failure. And I’m a little confused as to why some people are still promoting it, to be honest.

Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers

No, I’m referring to a process of repurposing your existing content, which provides the opportunity to target new readers and customers, all while gaining credibility with Google. It works, regardless of the service or product you are endorsing such as Bestar corner desk, GPS systems, or snow skiing.

Substantial Gains from Your Knowledge

Unless you already know this information, find out which of your website pages are most popular. Google Analytics can assist you with valuable knowledge such as the low bounce rate, number of unique visits, and the time that someone spends on each page.

When you find out, ask yourself how much time it took to develop these top pages?

Most likely you spent at least three times the time on research and creating an outline, than actually scripting the article. Of course if you write on a particular topic, the time on research and outlining can significantly drop. However, it could be a fatal flaw to underestimate the power of research, as it can turn into an investment.

That investment will allow you to churn out a high quality, informative article that will greatly benefit your website.

But, consider what would happen if you could use that investment to convert the content into additional pieces for your site. Or even better, have these new pieces published on other sites of high quality, strategically infused with anchor text links directing traffic back to your site.

I want to let you in on something.

Effortlessly, One Evolves into Many 

As I have already disclosed, I am not fond of today’s article marketing. I took that strong feeling I had towards it to push getting the word out that new marketers are being misguided by those who are making money off books, courses, and software that endorse a system that fails. So, I chose to develop an educational article, providing details on why this isn’t the ideal path to take.

It took about three hours to harvest statistics, quotes, and other data, all drawn from my own experience, and Google. With the information, I formed a broad and detailed outline of more than 3,700 words.

Next, I used that outline to construct two quality articles. One article was about 1,900 words, with the other approximately 3,700 words. Even though both spoke on reasons to avoid article marketing, they were unique in their own right with different slants, and without repetition. I then went to and, two well respected sites that allow guest content, and submitted both of them.

What I achieved from that was an incredible amount of exposure for my site, with increased brand awareness, all due to the magnitude of retweets each article received. They both drew so much interest that the well known AffiliateABCs podcast took notice and asked me to sit for an interview on their show. As a result of the success of that interview, chose to rebroadcast it.

I was just getting started, even though I already had two fresh pieces of material and two podcasts. Next came the hiring of a freelance writer, who was assigned in generating three additional pieces out of the original outline, all with a unique angle. With those in hand, I submitted each of them to three more high ranking sites, as guest content. I then obtained permission to rebroadcast my interview with AffiliateABC on my Coffee Talk show.

The end result was 8 distinctive and fresh articles and three podcasts, all repurposed from my existing content and stemming from my initial investment of 3 hours in research and development of a master outline.

Pull the Value Out of Your Content

Since you have put so much effort and time into creating quality content, you should get the most out of it, right? Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. This is not the same as spinning, or submitting content out to content farms, or low ranking sites. It’s fresh and unique material submitted to reputable sites with a PR3, or better.

If anyone is thinking this SEO process is compared to article marketing, keep one important thing in mind. Just ONE backlink on a PR3 site will produce more for you than 1,000 links on a PR0 article farm. Also remember that it could be detrimental to your own site if you are linking to sites that have no value.

Converting your existing content into fresh and unique material takes very little effort, but your site will see amazing results from doing it, regardless of what you are promoting. It could be anything such as wine tasting, freelance writing, or glass computer desks for home.

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  • used Volvo

    I have “repurposed” many of my previous posts. I usually wait until an event related to those posts happens in the world and when it does, that’s the time to repurpose them! Less effort but more impact. :)

  • Gerard York

    When I just started out in blogging I was told that if you want to be successful as a blogger, you have to be friendly with Google, never disappoint the big boss Google. And Google boss HATES duplicate content. Come up with the most amazing quality and the reward will be amazing. So basically that’s what you’ve proved.. Unfortunately way too many people are involved into this copy/pasting world where they do not bother about quality content anymore, all they are after is making quick bucks online!

  • Brian

    The reason why people are promoting it is because submitting companies are still making money. They want this to last as long as possible because they know that their business is about to dry up.

  • Beach club hallandale

    I agree, its really surprising to see people still promoting poor quality contents but Google algorithm is going to check all those promoting content full of crap and low quality link building practices. All these makes me think whether article marketing is still alive?