How Streaming Your Events Live On The Internet Could Make Your Business Number One

Streaming live events is becoming an increasingly innovative and creative platform for marketing businesses. With competition increasing in the majority of niches, gaining momentum for your business is getting harder and harder to achieve. Streaming your events live could be your answer. The following article explores the key benefits of live streaming and how it could make your business number one.

1. Streaming Your Event Could Reach A Worldwide Audience

These days Internet connections can be picked up all over the world, making your live stream instantly available to millions and millions of Internet users. The Internet is now even available on a variety of portable devices be it phones, tablets or laptops. In theory this means your live stream can not only be picked up worldwide, but it can also be available to users at home and on the move. Your event is now convenient for anyone to access without them having to physically be at the event itself or on a computer. By having an online event in this way you’ll be able to drastically increase your events overall attendance.

2. It Gives Your Content The ‘Now’ Factor

A live event on the Internet can’t be recorded or watched back. Some may find that prospect rather negative, but in fact it’s actually quite the opposite. By streaming your event live it means users have to attend it there and then, otherwise they will miss it. This gives your live stream the ‘now’ factor. More users will attend your event if they know they can’t access the information at any other time. By making your live streamed event such a rare entity your business will appear very exclusive and intriguing to an audience.

What it takes to live-stream a panel

3. You Can Connect With Your Audience In An Innovative Way

Live streams are able to make use of live interaction. If you set up chat rooms, forums, email Q&A, Twitter hashtags and perhaps even phone lines for your event you can get up to the minute feedback, questions and general conversation with potential customers and clients. It’s a rare occurrence for an audience to engage with a live event in this way so by engaging with them throughout the event you can make your audience feel special. With live interaction so new, the connections you have with your audience will be seen as very creative and innovative, and make your business and your event appear extremely exciting.

4. It Could Make You A Lot Of Money

If you are live streaming an event that you are also presenting physically you can create a wide array of revenue streams. By charging the physical attendees a ticket price, and charging online attendees a much lower ticket price you could start to create quite a bundle from your event. Now factor in that your connections with your audience in person and online could also help to create new business opportunities then your live stream quickly becomes a great source of revenue. These new revenue streams will help to improve your businesses income, increase conversion rates and start to help you thoroughly out do your competitors.


Live streaming isn’t just reserved for the corporate masses. In fact live streams are an underused marketing tool that’s actually easily available for businesses of any size or niche. Streaming a live event can also really give your business a great point of differentiation from your competition. By following these 4 live streaming tips you can help to ensure you business is definitely getting a leg up on the competition, and making your business number one in its niche.

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About the Author

Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based marketing video production company.

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    Streaming does really help a lot of companies to further market their products. This is a great way to show off your brands.

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    I have never thought of this but coming to think of it I think this is such a good idea. This will make your events be available to people all over the globe and this is definitely a very nice way to generate traffic to your site. Wonderful post.