Google Offering to Make Your Website Up to 60 Percent Faster

As we know Google recently released a page speed loading service to a selective number of users on Google Webmaster Tools. Google also recently announced (about a month ago, but old news is good news huh!) that it wanted to make the web much faster by offering to rewrite websites.

Essentially this should be great news for those with slow loading sites, where upon visitors are simply clicking away because they’re bored shitless of waiting around for your website to load fully.

Using Google’s Page Speed Service should make any website load much faster, up to 25 and 60% faster according to Google. All you need to do is signup to use the service from your Google account, and point your site’s DNS to Google’s servers. The pages from your site are served directly from Google’s servers once they have been fully optimized.

I want a faster website!!!

Whilst the service is currently free for many websites now, Google does plan to make the service a paid one. We used the web page test free online service to test the results for ourselves using our blog as the guinea pig, see results below. If you want to try it out for your own site click here to give it a bash however, be prepared to wait a while for the test results, it does take a few minutes.

page speed service

page speed service

page speed service

For those of you not yet had the chance to check this out further, more information can be found on Google’s Page Speed Service here

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  1. Wow, this could be a very useful service for those suffering from slow loading sites, I’m not sure about having my website served from Google’s servers and using redirections is such a good idea though.

  2. This is a very nice tool for the site who wanted to make it up with loading their sites. Does this also mean that if you use this it will give you a little boost with googles searches? LOL just a thought!

  3. wow..this can be very usefull…this is really a nice tool for the site to load faster
    thank you

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