How to Make Money Online with DreamHost Affiliate

One of the most exciting methods of making money online is through the promotion of products and services. As an affiliate marketer one of my favorite affiliate programs is provided through web hosting superstars DreamHost.

DreamHost is a favourite in web hosting services for many bloggers looking to host WordPress blog easily and safely online. DreamHost provides many benefits including a rewarding affiliate program. In today’s post we’re going to look at how to effectively make money online by recommending DreamHost.

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First of all if you don’t yet have an affiliate account with DreamHost you can grab one here.

Once you’ve signed up you can log in and grab your unique affiliate referral link and begin promoting it through various methods which we’ll take a closer look at shortly.

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Creating a Promo Coupon Code

One of the best ways to get more referrals is by creating a unique promotional coupon code in your dashboard. DreamHost affiliate allows you to do this, giving you complete control over how much to earn.

To create a promo coupon code just click on the ‘create your own promo codes’ tab in your dashboard to begin.


How Much Can I Earn?

Making money with DreamHost affiliate is fun and can be extremely rewarding. You simply decide how much you want to earn! You can either get 10% forever of everything you refer, (plus 5% for people they refer!) spend on hosting with DreamHost, or choose to just get a $97.00 one-time payment (plus $5 for sub-referrals!) per referral.

How to Promote Your DreamHost Affiliate Link


There are many ways in which you can promote your DreamHost affiliate referral link. If you have a blog, you can use two methods. You first need to create a special promo code in your DreamHost dashboard, and then write a short post about your promo to post on your blog, or use one of their many promotional banners or even create your own.

If you use banners, place them above the fold either in the sidebar, header or above the header for best results.

Article Marketing

Here’s a great tip; write one good piece of article regarding any aspect of web hosting, it could be a tutorial, service review etc and consider this to be your master copy. Aim to write about 800 to 1000 words.

Now create 10 other smaller 400+ word re-written pieces of your master copy. They must however be absolute unique copies.

Publish the master copy to your blog or a landing page with your affiliate referral link.

Add your affiliate affiliate referral link to the last paragraph if possible, or the author box if not to each of the other articles you’ve re-written and submit them to dofollow article sites. Now add a second anchor text link back from each of the smaller articles to the master copy on your blog.

So now you’ve created one master copy that is getting quality backlinks hopefully from all the other re-written pieces that you have submitted to article sites, the search engines are going to crank up your rankings and now sit back and watch the money roll in.

List Blasting

If you have an email list to play with consider doing a promotional email shot with information about a special one-off promotion you’re doing for the month perhaps. You can also use email to let your subscribers aware of your recent post on your blog or article on an article site should you wish not to use your referral link in an email.

Social Media

Whilst you don’t really want to spam out your followers and fans on social sites with affiliate links, you can share links to posts and articles containing your referral links. Facebook, Twitter and G+ are great sites for doing this. You might also want to consider doing a video blog and upload it to YouTube to promote your DreamHost affiliate referral link further.

Well I hope that this post has been an insightful one and if you’re new to making money with DreamHost affiliate, follow these tips and you’ll soon be racking up the $$’s, good luck.

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