How to Get More Traffic from StumbleUpon

I’ve had a few of you sending me emails asking me if I could write a post on how to get more traffic from StumbleUpon. Whilst I briefly covered this in a short post a while talking back about getting more followers on Stumble, I thought I’d go over it again in more depth.

Very briefly, StumbleUpon is a useful social bookmarking site which allows anyone to share pages from the web with their followers. It’s particularly useful for bloggers and online marketers.

StumbleUpon has a nifty URL shortening tool called SU.PR which I’m sure many of you web savvy of individuals will have already heard of. SU.PR is more than a URL shortening tool, it allows anyone to share content from the web to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Let’s begin.

If you’ve not used this tool before you’ll need to add your Facebook and Twitter account and configure a few settings before hand.

Step One

The first step to so share the page with your own followers on StumbleUpon (you can only do this if you have the StumbleUpon share button enabled in your web page), so click on the submit button, write a short review and add some tags and hit submit. If you note the image below currently shows no clicks from StumbleUpon for the post I want to share.


Step Two

Now we want to send the page across our other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll do this using the SU.PR tool I mentioned earlier. So go to and login.

Step Three

Now you need to copy and paste the URL of the page you just sent to your followers using the StumbleUpon button, into the Get More Traffic message box at the top of the page in SU.PR. Then hit the Just Shorten button as shown below.



Step Four

Now copy and paste the title of the article you want to submit and past it at the beginning of the shortened URL as show below – You can also select the destination of your message, Twitter and Facebook or just one of them. You can also select to schedule your message to be sent later as shown below, but in this case we’re going to hit Post now.



Now if I refresh the page I’ve just posted using the SU.PR tool you will see that the page has gone from 0 to 44 clicks. You can also check your page stats in your SU.PR dashboard.


Start using the SU.PR tool by StumbleUpon today and start getting more traffic to your website or blog, enjoy.

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