SEO Tips For Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is still very much alive; when it comes to improving your search engine rankings for selective keywords, article marketing when performed correctly, is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of online marketing.

Whilst it is essential to note in any case, you should not perform article marketing with the pure intention of getting backlinks or to improve the SERP’s to your website, but to also provide resource to the end user is of paramount importance.

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Whilst you want to improve your own sites rankings, you also want to be able to direct visitors back to your own site, because they’ve found the content in your articles to be of great value.

That being said, today I’d like to share with you 5 essential SEO tips to use for effective article marketing.

1. Relevant & Unique Content

When creating content for article marketing keep in mind the relevancy of your article content to the content of your own website. This is essential if you’re thinking about the SEO aspect of your article marketing.

The other important factor is the uniqueness of your content; remember that want readers will find your content useful, creating unique content means that the search engines will give your website much improved search engine rankings for selective keywords.

I stress again that the relevancy and the uniqueness of your written articles is important. Using PLR or reproduced content published across a handful of article sites is something you should avoid completely. Search engines like Google look for unique content and relevancy, so to get quality backlinks and improved search engine ranking from your article marketing efforts these two elements are essential.

2. Keywords & Phrases

Using short non-competitive and long tailed keywords and phrases are also an essential part of article marketing for SEO purposes. Use one or two relevant keywords and ensure you don’t over-stuff your articles with them. As a personal rule I tend to use a one or two top level keywords or phrases about 7 to 8 times in an article of up to 400 words.

3. Making use of Anchor Tex Links

Search engines like Google give the highest value to anchor links coming into your site, which is why making use of good anchor links both in your body of content (if allowed), and of course in your author box is essential.

4. Linking Content to other Related Articles

If you have other related content you wish to link to such as a post contained in your blog, or an article on the same given article site, then ensure you add at least one link to it. You can do this using anchor text links.

5. The Resource Box

Finally we get to the author or resource box, where in fact most article sites allows you to add a short bio about yourself and one or two links to your website. Again ensure that you use relevant keywords, or phrases to describe your website with some good anchor text links.

Final Note

Many article marketers use article marketing for the simple benefit of gaining backlinks to their sites. They place less priority on content quality and more emphasis on the uniqueness of the content.

My top tip is to do all this and also ensure that you content is of top quality also, you can benefit from increased traffic from improved search engine rankings and increased traffic from referrals from your articles.

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  • Shivam Garg

    Hi Fabrizio Van Marciano ,
    This is really very helpful article. Also the content was well chosen and well explained too. Well thanks for the information.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Shivam, thanks for dropping by today, I’m glad that you found the tips helpful, It’s always good to get feeback from readers regarding the readability of the content on our blog so I very much appreciate that, thanks again, I hope to see you here again soon.

  • Mouh

    Do you think article marketing is still effective? I have thought about this a lot. I do believe that article directories are still powerful because they generate millions of visitors. But some people say that the recent Panda Update has killed those content farms. You sometimes find low quality article ranked higher than your high quality content just because it was published on a famous website. I think Google cares about that a lot. That’s why article directories were hit hard. What do you think?


    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Mouh, thanks for stopping by. I know that there are a lot of people still believing that article marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be becuase of the situation with Panda. But I still believe that it is very much alive as far as getting SEO quaity backlinks from relevant and unique content goes, and helping to improve SERPs, the constant changes in Google’s algorithms would suggest this otherwise. There are plenty of artice site’s that boast poor quality content and there are many good ones too, I would always choose to perform article marketing using web 2.0 property sites these days like Squidoo and Hubpages since these sites offer a lot more in return I think. With social media making such a huge impact, it is clear to see that search engines are looking for new sources to improve search engine rankings.

      • neo

        hello fabrizio

        well answered, its true that google can change it algorithms anytime – article marketing is the proven way to get backlinks. just after the update I already change my article marketing step – after I submit the article I also will bookmark it on another social media network such as delicious or stumbleupon..

        btw – nice sharing